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Landscaping is the first thing anyone sees when visiting your home. Whether it’s to promote your home’s curb appeal when selling, or merely to welcome your next houseguests; landscaping is immensely important to making your house look like a home. The common phrase, “beauty is pain” can so easily describe the process of creating a beautiful garden, but this spring, you can save both your wallet and your back, by calling a company like HLG or by following just a few key tips for a low-maintenance yard.

Landscaping can be time-consuming. Pick plants that originate from right here in South Carolina, to keep your yard both beautiful and affordable. Native plants, because they are already acclimated to the climate, require little maintenance or fertilizer, making them easy to maintain, and risk-free. The Palmetto Palm is one of Charleston’s most iconic staples, so including these in your yard makes unaffordable and dramatic statement. Since they are so hardy, they will last through practically any drought. Another large tree to include in you design, that is native to the area, is the Live Oak. You can find them everywhere in downtown Charleston, draped with Spanish Moss. The Live Oak withstands the sun and salt air, and will bring undeniable elegance to your yard.

You can also save some extra cash by picking perennials, rather than annuals, to bring some color to your yard. Perennials can come back every year and provide continual beauty, while you will only get one season out of your annual plants. Crape Myrtles, are known for their hardiness, and long lasting blooms, which come in an array of shades. The trees only need seasonal pruning and can withstand vigorous trimming, which encourages more blooms to return in the following years. For shorter plants, Hydrangeas or Knockout Roses can bring beautiful blooms with minimal care. Planting some of these just once can have your yard set for years to come, making these low maintenance options both smart and attractive choices.

Another alternative for your garden, which requires practically no upkeep at all, is to incorporate creative hardscaping. HLG is able to help install a beautiful hardscape design that you desire as well as helping with the flowers you wish to grow. By installing innovative stone pathways, or planting beds, you can be on your way to a beautiful herb or wildflower garden in a more manageable area. Planting beds, perfect for a smaller yard, are easy to maintain and allow you room to try out some smaller plants, like Wild Indigo, or Wizard’s Tail. Both of these plants require little care, but will easily bring more life to your yard. Ribbon Grass or Sedge, are low-maintenance grasses, which act as perfect options to bring a touch of green to your space, without the stress of maintaining an entire lawn.

These iconic South Carolina staples and durable plants are often the most resilient solutions to most landscaping dilemmas. Clearly there are endless ways to keep the water bill down and turn your yard into the elegant retreat it is meant to be. Making some of these replacements to your already existing garden, or turning to some of these methods for a design in the making can be the key to having a yard sure to withstand the South Carolina heat while also creating a space destined to impress. For more help, HLG is able to take care of full landscaping services, maintenance, as well as DIY Services like all the tips mentioned.

For an on-site consultation call HLG at: (843) 901-4862 or visit

Written by Kate Hawkins

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Instead of building homes and having difficulties finding a buyer who feels comfortable in the space, or feel it is worth purchasing, Kiawah Island Real Estate has begun giving virtual reality tours. These virtual tours have the ability to better assist potential homeowners without uprooting the preserved natural environment. “The Gear VR headset experience allows buyers to feel as if they are actually inside the home. This is extremely powerful considering these homes have not yet been built,” says Chris Randolph of Kiawah Partners. The 360-degree imagery of homesites are able to transform the architectural drawings of home concepts and interior designs into a live-scale virtual experience. With these types of tours, the homeowners are able to view the calming ocean, marsh or historic oak trees that surround the property and then delve into the virtual design of the home. The Kiawah Island Real Estate team “are proud to be at the forefront of this trend” so that they can better serve their buyers. KIRE is continuing to invest in technology that help buyers visualize their future homes on Kiawah without disrupting the natural settings.

Kiawah Island Real Estate is the sole real estate broker with offices on Kiawah Island. Its 25 agents exclusively offer homesites, villas, cottages and single-family residences, many with views of the Atlantic Ocean or Kiawah River and the surrounding marsh lands. To view current listings, developments and learn more about the island visit

Created by Claire Nellums

FullSizeRender (68)While in India, Erin Hilleary learned the technique of painting with French dyes on hand-woven Varanasi silk. She was inspired to begin this practice when she witnessed a woman taking her art of the wall and wrapping it around herself. Erin fell in love with the idea of making art that is flat also be three dimensional. These compositions can be hung like traditional art, but also taken down and worn for special occasions. Erin says that she wanted to “create art that includes its owner as part of its composition”. What truly inspires her when it comes to the compositions of her “wearable art” is the idea of the combination of divinity and spirituality; Erin uses her practice of yoga and meditation to add meaning and depth to her artwork.

One of her favorite pieces is one that she thought was a mistake at first. It looks as if it is a tree woman that is giving up to nature. When she first started working on this piece, seeing that Erin paints mostly freehand, the dye wasn’t cooperating and went everywhere. After putting it away and not looking at it for a year, she took it out and noticed the figure of a woman within the brown dye. Erin feels like this particular work shows how people should submit to life while feeling the most overwhelmed. This is the same feeling she has with her work from the moment she moved to the Lowcountry. The south and the beach-life aesthetic can now be seen in her painting as she lets each painting unfurl naturally from the influence of her surroundings. At her booth for the Spoleto art festival, she’ll be showing some special pieces that represent the city of Charleston with a special emphasis on the Battery. The angel trees were a true inspiration that represents Erin’s respect for the connection between the earth and the sky and the energy that moves through each person. Each of her pieces, whether simple or really elaborate, has a story that connects to the Erin, the world, and the owner who is lucky enough to acquire it.

The care for each of these exquisite pieces of art is simpler than anyone would have thought. Due to the fact that the dye is steamed set for over three hours means that the dye is actually part of the silk. This means that it can be washed, dried, and ironed just like any other silk garment. The only difference is when hanging to present as art, make sure there is something between the silk and the clip and the wall behind the silk. Also, making sure that it isn’t in direct sunlight so that the fabric won’t fade over time.

For more information or to purchase a silk piece, visit Erin Hilleary’s etsy sight or call Domain Interiors and design at (843) 388-0328 or visit

Written by: Claire Nellums

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Each year the summertime struggle of keeping your furniture in tip-top shape revisits each coastal home. Whether you have relatives visiting, sunscreen-covered children running through the house, or a sand-and-salt-water-soaked dog, it’s never easy to prevent stains or wear and tear on your prized furniture. But don’t let the seemingly endless fight for a clean couch get you down. Instead, make this summer’s living room the last one you fret over by upholstering all your favorite pieces with Aiden Fabrics.

This new trend, which is popping up everywhere, brings the ease and maintenance free-level of your outdoor furniture into your home by replacing all of your indoor fabrics with the durability of those designed to withstand the elements. A quick scrub with soap and water can remove nearly any stain these fabrics can face. And because the fabrics are designed to withstand sun, rain, salt, and sand, it remains a sustainable option for the environment as well as your wallet. Not to mention, if it’s built to withstand the harsh elements, surely it will have holding power against your house guests and pets.

This practical solution isn’t boring either—some of the most beautiful and fun patterns are found in the outdoor fabric and furniture sections of stores. Because this trend is gaining so much popularity, the selections of fabrics and patterns are vaster than ever before. So when you need the sanctuary of your air-conditioning to rescue you from the hot Charleston summer, you won’t have to fret about muddy paws or salty feet because your furniture can handle it all. Feel free to invite everyone indoors to enjoy your home’s comforts without stressing about a thing.

Technology has also eliminated the hard, plastic-bag texture reputation outdoor furniture used to have. Now fabrics are soft, smooth, and ready for cozying up by the fire with a good book in the winter or soaking up rays by the pool this summer.

If you’re still not convinced, consider Aiden Fabrics, located in Mt. Pleasant, for your next stop in your reupholserting adventure. Aiden Fabrics offers hundreds of indoor and outdoor fabrics. In fact, they stock fabrics so plush, it’s impossible to tell the outdoor from the indoor options like the sofa seen below. Their exterior fabric choices provide the same great style and comfort as any indoor alternatives. By making the switch to using outdoor fabrics on your interior furniture, you can rest assured, knowing your investment will last and last, and your guests will constantly be impressed with your carefree demeanor while they also “ooh” and “aah” over the elegance of your refurbished home.

Written by Kate Hawkins

For more information, call Aiden Fabrics at (843) 216-0008 or visit


Here are a few swatches from Aiden Fabrics large selection of outdoor fabric.

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Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse:

Each year, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League hosts a designer showcase at the James Sanders house in the heart of Harleton Village. The fundraiser is used to raise money to support the Charleston Symphony Orchestra as well as to fund music scholarship for students in the Lowcountry. For the show, different designers create newly decorated rooms that incorporate the 19th century elements of the house with the 21st century design of today.

The Dining room for this year’s Showhouse was done by Bobbi Jo Engelby of Domain Interiors & Design. Bobbi Jo created an elegant room, reminiscent of the Lowcountry while incorporating a neutral color palette to enhance the room’s aesthetic. Bobbi Jo used blue grey drapes and area rug to compliment the round dining table, creating great flow while also making the space seem larger. With the addition of a large mirror and crystal lamps, sun bursts into the room and gives off a new light.

In charge of the creation of the Master Bath was Lauren Messina from Lauren M. Creative. With over 15 years of experience and numerous projects ranging from new builds and renovations, and from New York to New Orleans, there was no doubt for this room’s potential. Lauren was able to transform the Master Bath into a beautifully draped, whimsical space. By using soft pinks, local artwork, and light colored furniture, Lauren was able to juxtapose the 19th century black and white floor beautifully.

These two designers supported the Charleston Symphony by using their time and energy to create these spectacular rooms. Due to all the help from Bobbi Jo and Lauren Messina, as well as the many other designers who dedicated their talents to this project, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League will be able to continue to provide music education programs and scholarships for the Lowcountry.

If you would like to attend, the Designer Showhouse is taking place March 17th through April 17th at 156 Wentworth Street, Charleston. Tickets are available at the door for $25.

Showhouse hours are:

Monday-Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: 1pm-4pm (except Easter)

Café Dining hours:

Monday-Saturday: 11:30am -2pm

Created by Claire Nellums

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The collaboration between the owners and architects/designers is evident in the organic simplicity of the Master Bath, complimenting the cohesive flow throughout this exquisite home on Charleston’s Harbor. The shower tiles selected by the owner had a “pillow” shape to them, providing a beautiful texture when installed but warranting a shower design that negated any cuts in the tiles. The Interior Architects’ shower design insured that there were no cut tiles in the shower, and that the 3-sided glass enclosure all the fittings lined up perfectly with the grout lines. It’s the attention given to these small details that produce the most beautiful result. The palette was also kept very simple and organic so as not to compete with the views outside. Rich Terra Cotta floors from Spain anchor the finishes and feel great on their feet! The overall look and feel of this space is sophisticated yet completely soothing to both the eye and the touch.
For more information, call Herlong and Associates at (843) 883-9190 or visit
This is a guest post by Eliza Collins
Photographed by Meredith Brower

Snip20160404_82It’s that time of the year again—the fifth annual Charleston Home + Design Show on Daniel Island will be held at Family Circle Stadium in April!

The show will feature some exciting additions this year. Charleston Home + Design Magazine is excited to present the Daniel Island Luxury Home Tour, happening on April 30th from 1PM to 5PM. This tour will showcase six stunning custom homes—all private residences on Daniel Island—opening their doors to the public for one day only.

Each home on the self-guided tour will be hosted by the builder responsible for the home’s construction and design, who will be available to answer questions and point out the unique details of each house.

While the Charleston Home + Design Show on Daniel Island at Family Circle Stadium is free, a separate ticket will be required for the Daniel Island Luxury Home Tour. Tickets cost $20 per person if purchased online at before midnight on April 29th. Tickets can also be purchased the day of the event at the Charleston Home + Design Show for $25 per person, cash only. Only 400 tickets will be sold, so act fast to reserve your space! Proceeds from the show will benefit the American Red Cross.

For more information, call Charleston Home + Design Magazine at (843) 577-7652 or visit