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siM_X2gPaPbf-1EnAtXvdEKIPt07nAk5i96QM8ht5FM,JUG1pKMmuDfg98ZRTPdx0ccUIpIMHDedIj5lXbTjk1MWhat could be more enjoyable than relaxing on a porch swing, taking in a beautiful view on a breezy Saturday? The problem, however, is that most people have more than one “beautiful view” they want to enjoy, and a traditional porch swing is mounted to permanently face only one direction. Say you had a swing that faced towards a lovely marsh view, but you wanted to take a moment to watch children in the backyard playing tag—looks like you’ll just have to pull up a different chair. Have friends over and want to socialize with them on the porch? I guess you won’t be able to sit on your porch swing, since it doesn’t face inwards. Well, you wouldn’t have been able to, before the arrival of the Swivel Swing device.
The Swivel Swing can take any traditional porch swing and enable it to rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to take in any view you desire. Once you decide exactly what direction you would like to face, you can simply lock the swing in position with a pull chain. The way the Swivel Swing is mounted also allows for better balance, meaning there’s no more of that seesaw affect that sometimes happens when weight is distributed unevenly on a porch swing. Now there are no limits to the views you can take in as you swing on your porch.


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unspecified-1Of all the features that make up a southern home, none is more iconic or cherished than the front porch. If there’s one art in which southerners possess celebrated expertise, it’s that of welcoming their guests in style. The front porch is the center of this display of hospitality: you can treat your friends to an afternoon of leisure without taking a step indoors. The appearance of a front porch might even be considered more important than the interior of a house, as it’s the first thing guests see—the initial glimpse into your lifestyle they receive before deciding whether or not they want to kick back and stay a while.

Decorating the front porch can thus seem like a daunting task. How can you convey the quintessentially southern combination of grace and friendliness? Coralberry Cottage in Mt. Pleasant offers a multitude of furniture options that can help you create a southern front porch worth relaxing on every afternoon.

The centerpiece of the porch should be a unique and fun seating selection: think rocking chairs or swings. Coralberry Cottage features a Porch Swing Bed that would be delightful for taking a breezy summertime catnap. Or try a bench for some rustic charm and extra storage for reading material, like their Mission Storage Bench. Add a potted flower arrangement on either side and you have a lovely (and symmetrical) lounge space. Larger porches could even exhibit a table and set of chairs, perfect for sharing some neighborhood gossip over some sweet tea and pimento cheese. Coralberry Cottage’s Soho Café Table exudes casual refinement without taking up too much space. Throw a few Dragonfly Coasters on top and you’re ready to set down a drink in any second.

Candles are another way to elevate your front porch décor. If real flames on the porch make you nervous, consider a wax pillar flameless candle with a timer like the Luminara. Your porch will be illuminated exactly as long as you desire. Porch floor not in tip-top shape? Slightly scratched wood doesn’t have to detract from the overall ambiance: simply toss down a colorful rug, like the Garden Deer Rug from Coralberry Cottage. Add a few well-placed blooms, maybe some hanging plants, and you’ve created a front porch space that is both elegant and inviting.

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News about the spread of the Zika Virus has been ubiquitous on TV, the internet, and Facebook newsfeeds since its first appearance in the Americas. We took a moment to speak with Graduate Entomologist Bert Snyder from Palmetto Exterminators about the mosquito-carried virus.

Why is the Zika Virus so dangerous?

Zika Virus is spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes in the Aedes genus, the same mosquitoes that carry dengue fever and chikungunya. Zika causes mild flu-like symptoms in about twenty percent of infected people. However, the main danger and concern is for pregnant women and women who are trying to become pregnant because Zika has been linked to microcephaly, a birth defect associated with underdevelopment of the head and brain resulting in neurological and developmental problems.

How can people, especially women, protect themselves from the virus?

People should take steps to protect their skin from mosquito bites by applying insect repellant containing at least twenty-percent DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon-eucalyptus. Also, they should consider wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toe shoes. Homeowners should identify and eliminate sources of standing water on their property, such as flowerpots, birdbaths, baby pools, and grill covers.

Will a backyard mosquito treatment help to keep the virus at bay?

Homeowners who are concerned about mosquito activity in their own yards should contact a licensed pest control operator to discuss mosquito prevention and treatment options. Licensed pest control operators are trained to identify and treat for mosquitoes in residential settings in order to significantly reduce the mosquito population in one’s own backyard.

Palmetto Exterminators and Mosquito Control

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Fisher3 Here in the Lowcountry, we’re surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature. What better way is there to give back to our beloved environment than to implement approaches to home design and remodeling that are both sustainable and support the local community? Fisher Recycling serves as a perfect resource for doing just that through their GlassEco product line. They create custom-poured hard surfaces crafted from 100% recycled glass. These countertops satisfy the demand for a natural stone appearance (popular in both residential and commercial use) while eliminating the negative environmental impact that many other surfaces emit during production.

The crushed glass system used by Fisher Recycling produces eight different sizes of cullet. It’s a completely customizable product—countertops can be crafted to match a traditional décor schemes, or can fit in with a more contemporary space. Elements of their countertop designs have included everything from local oyster shells to recycled beer bottles, proving that the only limit to product design is the client’s imagination.

Because there are so many different types of glass to chose from, unique color combinations can be designed for each piece. A tranquil blue/green and gray glass combination would add serene hint of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen or bathroom. Pebble-style glass would provide a great accent for a pool deck, creating an oasis atmosphere that extends up to the very edge of the water. For the eclectic home designer, colors as bold as red, orange, and yellow could be incorporated into a countertop design—the resulting look would be reminiscent of a colorful piece of abstract art.

Not only is it so easy to make personalized design choices when using Fisher Recycling’s GlassEco product, but you can also rest assured that you’re making a decision that is friendly to our lovely Lowcountry environment.

Fisher2 Fisher4

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AGM Imports - 473 Creek Landing St - PhotosbyPatrickBrickman-2 Nothing is quite as relaxing as sitting by a warm fire on a crisp night, as fun as enjoying an oyster roast with friends, or as romantic as toasting marshmallows with a loved one. Homeowner Catherine August and her husband, Ray, knew this while hunting for a home on Daniel Island last year. What they didn’t predict until they saw their future home was just how much time they would actually want to be in their outdoor living spaces. “We spend so much time outside that it’s kind of unfair to the rest of the house,” laughs Catherine, a professional interior designer and owner of August Design Company. She fell in love with their dwelling the moment she stepped through the front door. Ray, the skeptic of the pair, took a little more convincing. What sold him was the promise of warmer tones inside and the space to construct a big fireplace outside. With the house purchased and the couple anxious to spend more time on the porch, they got to work on their plans for the fireplace. “I actually found the ‘Blue Bahia’ granite before we drew any designs,” Catherine says, “and I absolutely fell in love with it. It made such a statement.” As days passed, she and Ray sketched on napkins whenever they were out at restaurants or encountered inspiration.AGM Imports - 473 Creek Landing St - PhotosbyPatrickBrickman-9

Then, they met Emily Griffin of AGM Imports and Mary Crawford of Tile & Stone Design Studio, who recommended that she trust her first instinct. She knew she wanted granite; “Blue Bahia” was the perfect color. “Granite is the best option when considering heat resistance and minimal maintenance, especially in an outdoor setting,” explains Mary. Emily adds, “The ‘Blue Bahia’ fits Catherine’s personality and the house’s architecture so well; the choice was a clear one.” The ambiance of the magnificent granite façade that Catherine and Ray assembled speaks volumes. Now the Augusts sip wine by the fire, watch the wildlife in their backyard, and marvel at the natural and architectural views. And since blue is Catherine’s favorite color, she’ll never tire of its bold, yet soothing statement.

For more information, call AGM Imports at (843) 747-0088 or visit For more information about the fireplace design, call August Design Company at (803) 429-7450 or visit

Snip20160404_87Charleston’s appreciation for historical preservation caught Dr. Patricia Blanton’s eye the first time she visited the city. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she has spent her life curating beautiful antiques and artwork to fill her home with a myriad of stories. Today, she lives South of Broad in a charming brick home constructed in 1959. The original façade of the house was fabricated from nineteenth-century bricks that once served as a wall for the next-door property. This story drew Patricia to the home. “I wanted to live in the historic district of Charleston and this home has such a neat story—I love to tell it,” she proclaims. The structure needed some modernizing, but she wanted the overall historical look of the house to remain intact. To carry out her vision and transform the interior, she brought in Travis Arnett of Arnett Construction.

Travis worked closely with Patricia’s architect, Jerry Coleman from Memphis, Tennessee, and her interior designer, Alan Smith (who flew all the way from London to design Dr. Blanton’s home). Patricia had three main requests for the renovation of the interior beyond keeping its old-world charm; she wanted to plan around her extensive art collection, increase the storage space, and incorporate more windows to maximize the natural light in the home. Travis explains, “The windows were re-trimmed with custom pieces that display more historical aspects, like beaded moulding and back-bands. The renovation also included RetroFoam installation in the exterior walls, spray foam in the interior walls, and removing any asbestos. Then, we got creative in how we added space to the interior; we didn’t want to compromise the original floor plan or the look of the exterior.” Travis installed built-in storage under the bookshelves in the living area and a filing cabinet under the window seat in Patricia’s office, he chose a pocket door for the small powder room under the stairs, and with crafty reconfigurations, he was even able to extend the shower by over a foot. Every room has a hidden storage compartment to maximize space.

The built-in bookshelves also created perfect display areas for most of Patricia’s smaller antiques, and they left wall space open in other places to share her curated paintings. Now, whenever she has visitors, they see a sophisticated art collection displayed on a historical backdrop that transports them to a different era. And if they peer out a window? It would be no surprise to see a horse-drawn carriage trotting along the street.

For more information, call Arnett

Construction at (843) 271-8668 or visit

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Dorothea Benton Frank is no stranger to the Lowcountry and is a best-selling author, public speaker, nonprofit fundraiser from Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. She attended Bishop England High School in Charleston and graduated from General William Moultrie High School. Her interest in retail apparel took her to Atlanta GA where she graduated from The Fashion Institute of America. Dorothea returned to Charleston, SC in 1973 and became a buyer for Kerrison’s Department Store and later retired from the apparel industry in 1985.

Her first novel, SULLIVANS ISLAND (Berkley Publishing 2000) debuted on the NY Times list at number nine and went back to press over twenty five times, has well over one million copies in print and can be found in ten foreign languages. Her subsequent novels PLANTATION (Berkley 2002), ISLE OF PALMS (Berkley 2003), SHEM CREEK (Berkley 2004), PAWLEYS ISLAND (Berkley 2005), FULL OF GRACE (Wm. Morrow 2006), BULLS ISLAND (Wm. Morrow 2007), THE CHRISTMAS PEARL and LAND OF MANGO SUNSETS (Wm. Morrow 2008), LOWCOUNTRY SUMMER (Wm. Morrow 2009), RETURN TO SULLIVANS ISLAND (Wm. Morrow 2010), FOLLY BEACH (Wm. Morrow 2011), PORCH LIGHTS (Wm. Morrow 2012), THE LAST ORIGINAL WIFE (Wm. Morrow 2013) were all NY Times bestsellers and may also be found in various foreign languages.

We enjoyed a sneak peak of her new southern novel, All Summer Long, at a book signing hosted by coastal fashionista and owner of Escapade Living, Natalia Castillo on Sullivan’s Island. All Summer Long follows one charming New York couple—glamorous interior designer Olivia Ritchie and her husband Nicholas, a true southern gentleman from Charleston—as they are swept up into the world of the ultra-rich and travel the globe with a cast of zany eccentrics over one tumultuous, hot summer, and find themselves pondering the next step of their lives.

This is a story of how plans evolve and lives change in unexpected ways, how even those who have everything are looking for something more to fulfill them and even the most successful can often struggle to get things together. It asks the ultimate question: can money buy happiness?

From Sullivans Island to Necker Island to the beaches of Southern Spain, we’ll come to recognize the face of true love, the kind that deepens and endures but only because one woman makes a tremendous leap of faith. And that leap changes them all.

Georgetown with yokeIn 1792, William Murdoch of London, England created the first gas lamp in his home.
By 1802 gas lamps were presented to London as the light source they had all been looking for.

Georgetown electric lanternGas from coal was transported through pipes to gas lanterns and lamps placed on posts. The Lamplighters were workers who cared for the lamps, lit them every evening and extinguished them every morning. First London, then Paris, and finally the United States were surrounded in the glow of the gas lanterns. Baltimore was the first city in the United States to get gas lighting in 1816 which quickly moved along the coast to light the city of Charleston. Though gas lighting is no longer prominent, gas lamps can still be seen in places that wish to keep historical authenticity.

From Upper King to South of Broad, the flickering flame of gas lamps can be admired on any night in the Lowcountry. Gas Lamps were designed in elegant and attractive manners in the past and are still held to those standards today. Rick’s Lighting is one of the best places to find gas lamps here in the Lowcountry, in all different styles from graphite and brushed nickel to powder coated black and copper finish. If you want the look of a gas lamp but don’t have gas hooked up, not to worry! Rick’s Lighting has LED lamps in the style of gas lanterns that has a flicker bulb to make it appear like a real flame but, using a 10 watt bulb, emits more light than a gas flame. This way there is something for everyone. This product can make any home have the aesthetic feeling of old Charleston and to preserve the beautiful warmth and depth of history that comes with gas lighting.

LED Bulb georgetown-g2 Market Street with Top Scroll

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887949_10200862152064042_708731530_oGardens are no longer restricted to outdoor use only. With a little creativity, even the smallest space can become the location of a beautiful patch of green. Indoor gardens can be placed in the smallest apartment or largest area because of the way homeowners can customize them to fit any taste and size space. They also can be very low maintenance, depending on the kind of plants included. Succulents are a fabulous choice because of their variety, stunning appearance, and hardiness. Stacks Nursery, located in Summerville, has a wide variety of succulents and other plants to include in any garden – indoor or not.

Since they are tailored to the homeowner’s needs and tastes, indoor gardens can be installed wherever and however the owner wishes. Suspended glass balls with air plants or other succulents in them doubles as a modern art piece and can be fixed anywhere without sacrificing space. A vertical garden with cascading vines or ferns can be mounted to the wall for a jaw-dropping wall piece. For more spacious areas, a large rock garden with bonsai trees can be installed in open plan living rooms. Another popular example is an indoor herb garden for the kitchen. Indoor gardens are the perfect combination of functionality and decoration and are customizable for any space – no green thumb required!

For more information about how to start your indoor garden, visit Stacks Nursery or call them at 843.832.4769.

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