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When Laura Schonholz began designing her home with her daughter Johanna, they both wanted to find a way to use products and design elements that would blend in their aesthetics with the traditions of Charleston.

Bringing in the “new” can be tricky—especially when the “old” is as cherished as it is in a place like Charleston. Architect and homeowner Laura Schonholz, with the help of her daughter Johanna Sztokman and companies like Nichiha, brought in new looks to a stunning Lowcountry setting in a way that still honors and highlights the style traditions of this area.

“We fell in love with Charleston as soon as we saw it,” gushes Laura as she explains how her husband’s position at MUSC brought her family to the Lowcountry from Argentina 12 years ago. “When settling in here, we wanted to have a contemporary house that took advantage of our location and maximized our view of downtown Charleston.” Laura set out to design a home that met all of the Charleston Board of Architectural Review guidelines and still stayed true to her personal design style that she describes as a mixture of contemporary, minimalistic, and eclectic. To achieve this aesthetic, she worked diligently with her daughter to find all of the right contractors, vendors, and materials.

Nichiha fiber cement paneling was one such product that worked well for Laura and Johanna’s design style, both inside and outside of the home. Buck Lumber supplied Nichiha’s Empire Block product on the exterior of the house as well as on the floor-to-ceiling custom fireplace. “We make both residential and commercial products,” explains Brandon Tart, Territory Manager of Nichiha. “You can choose one of our products to have the look of lap siding or board and batten, or you can select our commercial panels that also can be used in modern single-family homes or commercial buildings.”

“I was trying to think of a non-conventional material, and after investigating Nichiha, I thought it was perfect,” Laura adds. “Also, we really wanted to interconnect the exterior and interior of the home and the look of this gray material was ideal.”

Nichiha’s product was a way of incorporating the modern material into a more traditional form. It’s a very modern product, so we tried to create a house shape that would resemble a Charleston single,”
Johanna includes.

Throughout the home, the mixture of contemporary and traditional can be seen. Laura used hardwood flooring, but instead of ending the flooring at the baseboard, she continued the flooring all the way up the wall in some of the rooms of the home. AGM Imports helped to blend the contemporary with the traditional in the bathroom tiling also by adding unique flair to traditional bathroom shapes and silhouettes.

This Lowcountry residence has been designed and built to stand the test of time. With a mixture of durable materials and design choices, Laura and her family will be able to enjoy the Charleston views in style from their home for years to come.

For more information, call Nichiha at (866) 434-4421 or visit online at For more information about Holz Design Group call (843) 478-4906. For more information about Buck Lumber call (843) 795-0150.


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Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.04.25 AMHere in the South, the coming of fall is greatly anticipated. It’s not the cooler weather that produces so much excitement—it’s the realization that once again, it’s football season. What better way is there to celebrate the weekend than donning your favorite team’s colors and cheering on the key players (or socializing with good friends, if you couldn’t care less about the scoreboard)? While you might not always be able to score tickets to the big game, having a championship-quality tailgate in the privacy of your own backyard is completely achievable with the help of Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens.

Stop by their showroom in the Queensborough Shopping Center in Mt. Pleasant (right behind Chick-fil-a) and you’ll see that they mean business when it comes to outdoor grilling and entertaining. With a multitude of brands to chose from in terms of weather-resistant cabinetry, grills, and accessories, Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens can work with you to design your perfect outdoor kitchen and handle the installation process. They also offer cleaning, monthly or quarterly maintenance, and repairs, meaning keeping the kitchen in tip-top tailgating shape is simple. Need a little more inspiration before deciding to install an outdoor kitchen? Check out these mouth-watering, bacon-centric recipes we snagged off their blog—they’re best served outdoors, surrounded by friends and the roar of rowdy football fans from the TV.


Bacon-Wrapped Tator Tots


  • 1 bag Tator Tots
  • 1 Package Regular Cut Bacon
  • Sweet BBQ Rub/Sauce


  • Cook Tator Tots following bag’s instruction
  • Let cool
  • Cut slices of bacon into thirds, wrap each slice around a tot and secure with a toothpick
  • Grill at medium heat until cooked thoroughly
  • During last 10 minutes, paint on sweet BBQ sauce

Stuffed Sweet Peppers


  • Sweet Peppers
  • Pineapple Cream Cheese
  • Crab Meat
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Hot Sauce


  • Mix cream cheese, meat, seasoning, and sauce together
  • Core Peppers
  • Stuff peppers with as much of the mixture as possible
  • Cut good size pieces of bacon and place them on top of the peppers. Secure with toothpick
  • Grill until bacon is thoroughly cooked

For more information, call Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens at (843) 216-006, visit, or stop by the showroom at 1000 Johnnie Dodds Bld. Suite 101 in Mt. Pleasant

Recipes courtesy of

Created by Katherine Bryan

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When a tornado destroyed part of their home in 2015, Chelsea and Ryan Meadows turned a tragedy into the perfect opportunity to redesign their Johns Island home.

Imagine you are awoken at midnight to hear a storm raging around your home. Now picture yourself racing into your one-year-old daughter’s room in order to pull her into your arms before rushing to find shelter. That is exactly what happened to Ryan Meadows when a tornado left a scar of destruction across Johns Island in September of 2015. “It was terrifying,” Ryan recounts. “My wife Chelsea was traveling for business, so I was on baby duty.” As Ryan was running down the back stairs, his daughter in his arms, almost the entire back side of the house was being wrenched away by the storm. He and his daughter, Madison, barely made it into the closet under the stairs before the sofa flew by, taking the bathroom door with it.

Fortunately, they stayed safe and Charleston County building department was especially eager to make the process of rebuilding as quick and painless as possible for those affected by the tornado. Even more fortunately,
the Meadows are good friends with several building professionals, including Travis Arnett of Arnett Construction as well as Chris Mevers of Mevers Kitchen and Bath. Once Ryan and Chelsea approached Travis about how to get started on the road to home recovery, he pointed them toward Jodi Crosby of Crosby Creations Home Designs to help draw the house plans to rebuild. Jodi walked through what was left of their home, and discussed with the Meadows the aspects of the home that they wanted to keep. “We loved our home before the tornado, but Jodi did a fantastic job of asking us the right questions and visualizing everything we talked about,” says Chelsea.Jodi worked tirelessly for four weeks (instead of the normal eight to 12 average) to redesign the missing parts of the house in order to integrate the panoramic marsh views for the new master suite upstairs and the living and dining rooms downstairs. “We did a little flip-flopping with the design,” adds Jodi. “The kitchen moved to the front of the home, we opened the floor plan, and incorporated larger windows.” From there, Travis took over the construction. He helped Chelsea and Ryan choose many of the finishes throughout. The floors in Travis’s own home turned out to be Chelsea’s inspiration for the rustic feel of the décor, and Ryan’s desire for an exposed brick fireplace played right into the charisma of the living room. “Once we were settled on a rustic theme, the Meadows and I had fun creating a space that they’ll love for years to come,” states Travis, who procured a lot of the reclaimed items in the living room, including the mantel over the fireplace.When it came time to design the kitchen, Chelsea and Ryan sought out another long-time friend, Chris Mevers. “They kept a lot of similar features from their old kitchen, with the spice racks and accessories on either side of the stove, but it’s the brick backsplash that ties the traditional cabinetry and the rustic feel of the living room together for a seamless look,” Chris mentions. Ryan adds, “I asked if the brick would even make a good backsplash and as soon as I brought it up, Chris said it would be perfect.”To pull Ryan’s traditional tastes and Chelsea’s rustic ideas together, Travis suggested barn doors here and there on the first floor, as well as marine rail fit
tings for the back porch so that the marsh view isn’t obstructed. Now, Chelsea and Ryan enjoy their lovely home and backyard scenery not only due to its beauty, but because it also reminds them of how their friends and community came together to help rebuild their dreams. v

For more information, call Crosby Creations Home Designs at (843) 514-7354 or visit To learn more about the reconstruction, call Arnett Construction at (843) 271-8668 or visit For more information about the kitchen, call Mevers Kitchen and Bath at (843) 410-5656 or visit


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LCIron_web4One of the most timeless and noticeable features of Charleston’s streets may be the gorgeous gates constructed of wrought iron. A durable yet easy-to-work-with material, iron can be used in a range of settings and is truly the most beneficial, long-term option for your home or work area. Known for its sturdiness and antique appeal, iron gates require very little maintenance throughout time. Even if you choose to color your iron, the substance of paint will help preserve the gate by keeping the pits formed in the metal and therefore preventing any corrosion. Paint or no paint, you can expect your wrought iron gates to perfect that task of security and protection for you. If you are someone desiring a particularly decorative design, fear not: it can be wrought into various forms.

As a more suitable option than wood gates, iron does not change color or shape over time. As it turns out, wood must be maintained every couple of years as well as replaced every fifteen years or so, and the prices of these necessities tend to accumulate. If you choose to stain, treat, or paint your wood for added protection, this can be a lengthy and exhausting process. Iron gates, despite any immediate extra cost, will last longest and add a tasteful touch to your property. Lowcountry Iron and Woodworks specializes in handcrafted custom ironwork that can turn exactly what you are envisioning into a reality. Owner Will Smith specializes particularly in the crafting of fences, staircases, handrails, window guards, security doors, arbors, gates and more. Check out the Sword Gate of Legare Street for an admirable example of one of Charleston’s most famous ironworks dating back into history.


Created by Paige Stover



Sword Gate of Legare Street Charleston, SC


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353 Ralston Creek - Carolina Flooring - Max Crosby-2

Daniel Island homeowners, Andrea and Jonathan Dussault, called on Carolina Flooring Specialists to lay the foundation of their dream garage.

Homeowners often focus so much on the interior of their homes without realizing that they also need to budget for another extremely important room—the garage. Not only does the garage store the family car, it protects all of those essential holiday décor pieces, keeps the kids’ bikes and Dad’s tools dry, and can even provide extra reinforcement for the home during scary storms.

These are only a fraction of the reasons why the Dussaults called on Tim Worley of Carolina Flooring Specialists to help them create the perfect garage for their family’s needs. “My son and I do a lot of woodworking together,” says Jonathan, “We’re going to use it primarily as a workshop to do all those projects that Andrea throws our way.”

Daniel and Manuel Parham (the brothers who own Carolina Flooring Specialists) and Tim’s combined years of experience shone through the methodical process of installing their showroom-level, industrial-grade garage floors. “Our first step,” Tim explains, “was to meet with Jonathan and Andrea to provide a free estimate. From there, the prep work starts. We make sure every crack, cranny, and bump is leveled out or filled to create an ideal surface for the new flooring.” Whether a garage floor is brand new or original to an older home, Carolina Flooring Specialists’ team prepares the floor by smoothing it with a thorough diamond-grinding process.

Once the epoxy mixture was applied on the Dussault’s cement floor, the decorative flakes are added. The new epoxy floor needs to set overnight. On the second day, the team returns to sand the floor (by hand) and apply the protective seal. After the seal dries for another night, the floor is ready for the car to be parked in the garage. Not only is the Dussault’s new garage floor resilient and stain-free, it’s also exceptionally low-maintenance. “We wanted to do this to our old garage in Connecticut for years,” Andrea states. An excited Jonathan adds, “It just makes the garage sparkle and I can’t wait to start a new woodworking project in it with our son.”

For more information, call Carolina Flooring Specialists at (843) 725-8502 or visit


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A locally owned and family-run business, Creature Catchers is renowned for their timely, proactive services that peacefully remove critters from homes. As beautiful and nature-filled as the lowcountry is, there is no doubt that rodents, birds, raccoons, snakes and even insects are able to meander their way into homes—and typically, where there is one, there are others. For over twenty years now, the company has successfully, efficiently, and safely removed pests and creatures from residences in the Charleston area. Owner and animal lover Brad Hilfrink has dealt with countless situations that have led him to acquire skills involving locating problematic critters, displacing them, and following up with extra precaution and prevention. In his eyes, the entire process is thought of more as a rescue of the animal while simultaneously ensuring the sanctity of your home. He knows that the use of poison and fatal traps only adds to the tasking process of protecting your home. If creatures are killed, a homeowner must then figure out the best method of disposing of the dead animals.

Residents of the lowcountry can count on Creature Catchers to immediately pay a visit to the site, conduct a plan for the removal, and begin the process of cleansing your home of all critters. On the Charleston Home + Design website, you can learn even more information by watching the exclusive video interview with Creature Catchers. While it is far from ideal to stay up at night fretting about potential damage creatures could be causing, diseases they could bring in, or the fear of interacting with them, this service is here to guarantee that these worries go away…and that critters do not return!







Snip20160921_223Simple, beautiful, efficient—that’s the vision of Diana Baima’s home and décor palette. But the interior isn’t the only part of the house that sparks the imagination when eyes are looking its way. Diana’s home is just beyond the entrance to a new community currently under construction in Mt. Pleasant, called Fulton Neighborhood. This up-and-coming area is one of the first custom-built neighborhoods of its kind, and is creating a new way of looking at housing as a cohesive unit, both inside and out.

As well as being a homeowner in Fulton Neighborhood, Diana also works for Alka Construction, the company that is developing this acreage near Boone Hall, off of Highway 17. “Working with Lana Damajanovic, the owner of Alka Construction, gives me special insight into how much she cares about the people who will spend their lives here,” says Diana. She and her family have lived in their domicile just under a year and adore it beyond words. “It’s gorgeous and energy efficient because Lana builds with quality materials to produce a fantastic product. It’s also stunning because she listens to what clients want in the house and in the neighborhood they will live in.”

The idea behind the development is to create a community that has great architecture, a convenient location, and a place where people can find connectivity with their neighbors, but also have access to plenty of privacy, and benefit from a pragmatic design, all at the same time. Much like building a completely custom house, homeowners have a large role to play in designing each aspect of their abode in Fulton Neighborhood, as well. “Each homeowner can completely customize everything from their floor plan to the finishes,” Diana explains.

Uniquely, seven different professionals, including an urban planner, an architect, and an in-house interior designer, design each aspect in the development. Once they have all pooled their considerable resources, construction begins on a new addition to Fulton Neighborhood. The look starts with fiber cement siding and a metal roof to paint a beautiful exterior picture. Inside, the floor plans are open, with ten-foot ceilings on the first floor to produce a connected living space. Not to mention the low-energy windows in all of the homes (including Diana’s) and spray foam insulation keep the power bills extremely low.

Relaxing water features and landscape architecture turn the private backyards into a zen retreat. Diana confesses, “I spend a lot of time out here because I just love the stone walkways and plants. It’s such a soothing little oasis.” Even during the height of summer, she often escapes there to curl up with a book or a cool glass of sweet tea. And once phase one is complete, phase two will begin, adding many more opportunities for Charleston residents to learn just why Diana and her family love their home and their community so much.

For more information, call Fulton Neighborhood at (843) 881-6142 or visit


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Looking for the perfect pop of color to spice up the walls of your home? Penny & Lucy Lou Art of Columbia, South Carolina offers customized images framed and substrate printed art for both indoor and outdoor settings. With a heavy focus on nature and gorgeous Lowcountry images, they provide custom elements such as color and sizing to each and every project necessary.

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, Penny & Lucy Lou’s art has quite a unique and textured look. In terms of outdoor art, they offer substrates including tempered glass, aluminum, acrylic, and even a brand new, non-glare acrylic. These artistic pieces can be printed as large as eight feet wide and fifteen feet long. They provides the absolute best quality of UV cured ink that will undoubtedly adhere to any surface desirable. For indoor art, on the other hand, Penny & Lucy Lou offers printing on both paper and framing, in addition to custom lighting to showcase the artwork. Printing is available on a number of surfaces including PVC, Hardboard, Gator Board and more, and you can enjoy frames made of Poplar wood with veneer finishes.

Penny and Lucy Lou Art has partnered with Custom Contract Furnishings owned by Whitewood Industries out of High Point, North Carolina. They have successfully shown with CCF at the Boutique Design West shown in Los Angeles this year. You can expect to see Penny & Lucy Lou Art being showcased at the anticipated Furniture Market in High Point on October 22nd through the 26th BOOTH 486! Don’t hesitate to sign up for their weekly emails online to gain some inside scoop!


Created by Paige Stover








501d338dca7ae5f8b7634ce7282a098f Stellar Engravings got its start when Lowcountry cabinet makers were inspired by the laser engraving and etching process used by parent company, Vencor in the manufacturing and industrial industry and recognized the potential to help make cabinets unique for their customers. Stellar Engravings is able to offer many unique products ranging from wood and furniture engravings, glass etchings, laser engravings on mugs and tumblers and kitchen utensil, signs for businesses, metal business cards, bar taps, wedding favors and more. You provide the kitchen and they can spice it up! Stellar Engraving can also engrave your furniture to turn it into an instant statement piece. Other examples of projects they are known for include custom cabinet door engravings for remodels, changing an ugly metal air return to a custom wood one to match your home, and specialty signs for a game room or bar! One of the most unique projects in the Lowcountry that Stellar Engravings has created is a detailed wall divider. Originally, it was designed for an indoor use, but many local homeowners have commented that they would like one to help block out some of their neighbors’ view in their “Old” Charleston style homes that are built close together.

If you have an idea already in mind, Stellar Engraving will help your design an images and create a rendering of what it would look like on a particular product. Once a customer modifies the design, Stellar Engraving will program their machine and cut or etch the product. If a customer is unsure of what they would like, but know they want something unique, Stellar Engraving can get creative and design ideas based on the customers taste and vision.

Stellar Engraving can also help around the upcoming holidays by creating Christmas cards, toys (planes, puzzles, jewelry box, etc.), personalized tumblers or coffee mugs with favorite sports team, Christmas tree ornaments that can hold a child or pet picture and so much more.

For more information call Stellar Engraving at 843-795-6680 or visit

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IMG_2832-2-copyThe vivacious and eccentric colors that enhance the historic district of Charleston reflect an era of significant architecture, elaborate garden designs and overall progression of the arts. These painted houses reflecting specific palettes are perfect examples of the city’s southern lure and worldly style. As one of the most colorful towns in the entire world, Charleston’s antebellum houses echo the personality of the city as well as its loyal inhabitants.

While the wrought iron gates, cobblestone streets and beautiful churches are prominent elements of Charleston’s charm, the most photographed architectural landscape in the area is Rainbow Road. Built in the 18th century between 83 and 107 on East Bay Street, this colorful row of now private residences is a famous attraction and distinctly Charleston. After the Civil War’s detrimental effects, a woman named Dorothy Legge purchased some of the homes in hopes of renovating and salvaging what was left. Dorothy painted the row a pastel pink to represent the colonial Caribbean scheme, and eventually other renovators followed her colorful example. As does any historic area, Rainbow Row comes with numerous stories about original reasons for the colors. While some people say the houses were painted brightly to point drunken sailors in the right direction, others believe merchants wanted their stores to be easily recognizable from a distance.

Another distinguishable feature one will notice while strolling the historic streets of Charleston is what South Carolinians call “Haint Blue” paint on the ceilings of porches. This is thought to provide a constant reminder of blue skies during gloomy days, ward off all insects, and even protect the homeowners from wandering, restless spirits. Especially along the East Coast, this tradition thrives in historic cities just like Charleston where one can find Victorian and Colonial homes. Whether painted in shades of teal, powdery blues, cobalts or periwinkles, this southern trend has even made its way to the northern states. Inspiration is key when painting your home and adding it to the extensive collection of colorful residences. Sherwin Williams is a company committed to helping you approach your home’s exterior as if it were a blank canvas. Offering many crucial services, you can take advantage of existing color schemes, such as their Exterior Historic Palette, or simply create your own. They pay attention to detail, offer a plethora of collections, and can help you envision and create your vibrant Charleston home.


Created by Paige Stover