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NextToNew-3329The thought of buying used furniture often conjures up images of worn and tattered sofas and coffee tables in most people’s minds. But one new design trend brings a whole new aspect to “used furniture.” Homeowners and interior decorators alike are embracing the option of purchasing gently used pieces that are both high-quality and brand-name.

One benefit of purchasing gently used pieces is the fact that buyers achieve the look of a high-dollar piece at a drastically reduced price. Stores like Next to New Consignment, located in Mount Pleasant, carry high-end brands like Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, and Thomasville, to name a few. However, since the furniture is gently used, customers get the brands they like for a price they love. Another benefit to buying previously used pieces is homeowners can find unique pieces that are not carried in the brand-name store anymore, avoiding the “cookie cutter” look.

Buying used furniture is no longer the nightmarish fiasco of outdated furniture that is past its prime. The option of buying gently used pieces is a wallet-friendly choice that still allows homeowners to achieve the quality look they want.

For more information, visit or call (843) 606-2715

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AllProCrawlspaceWeb1A locally owned and widely trusted company, All Pro Crawl Space Solutions of Mount Pleasant has been serving the greater Charleston area for years. It is quite easy to overlook the maintenance that inevitably comes hand in hand with having a crawl space. Although this area seems less significant when compared to the rest of your home, preserving it is very important for the structure of your home as well as the health of those living under your roof. The hardworking professionals at All Pro Crawl Space Solutions are happy to come out to your home for free to inspect any problems or situations you may suspect are worth examining. The phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ should never be taken lightly when it comes to the protection of your home!

The two most detrimental factors to your crawl space are mold and moisture. An ideal crawl space should be dry, sealed off, and comfortable. Especially in a humid climate such as Charleston’s, moisture can creep all around your crawl space and even move upwards into the space of your house. This will result in more money spent on energy, an increase in the probability of insect infestations, and of course, mold. While everyone knows mold is highly undesirable, it is key to remember just how easily it can spread, but also how advantageous preventative action can be. All Pro Crawl Space Solutions comes up with the most suitable and affordable plan for you; their remedies include all sorts of mold treatment, mold remediation, and helpful sprays. The installation of secure liners along floors and walls is most effective, closing any gaps of breaks in the crawl space. If humidity is the problem, leave it to the dehumidifiers to work their magic.

Have you been noticing unusual moisture, sagging or cold floors, or wood that seems to be rotting? Maybe there are puddles of water in places throughout your crawl space. In any of these situations, ignoring your skepticism and hoping for the best is not the thing to do, because safety issues can come from this. These hazards can be as severe as major rotting, collapsed floors, and health threats to your family. The diligent and friendly employees of All Pro Crawl Space Solutions provide additional services to install clear liners that secure all vapor barriers. This company knows the perfect solutions for preventing further moisture, and they want to keep your space sanitary and healthy for the future.

For more information, call All Pro Crawl Space at (843) 742-1271 or visit


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1459098_664545236900920_1279245154_nWhen imagining a ‘Christmassy home’, many people’s go-to image involves a house in the north covered in a blanket of snow. However, this cherished holiday actually originated in the south. Before becoming a nation holiday in 1870, states such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas were celebrating it first…and by the time it spread all over the country, the traditions instilled by these southern states were already trending. As crucial as tasty holiday dishes may be, Christmas traditions don’t just involve roasted turkey or pecan pie—decorating your home however you please is one of the best ways to express your seasonal excitement.

Table décor to accompany your festive food and drink is the perfect way to exhibit southern charm. Creating a statement centerpiece for a dining room table can involve conventional lanterns, ornament-filled cylinders, or nature-inspired materials like burlap that give the setting an more traditional vibe. You can brighten your table with fresh greens, seasonally colored flowers, and of course, cheerful poinsettias. Even this red plant radiates southern tradition. While it originated in Mexico, the US ambassador for Mexico ended up bringing back this plant to his home in South Carolina to initiate the fad. Pine and magnolia decorations as well as citrus fruits are things that can really spice up your walls. Even further, flickering candles light up a windowsill for the homiest of feels.

GDC Home of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Kiawah Island provides a plethora of home décor, truly having expanded and evolved over the years. Offering furnishings from only the best vendors, you can explore their furniture, fabrics, rugs, bedding, tableware, and more. Candles, napkin rings, ornaments, glassware, dishes, and even cookie jars are a few festive selections. Many Christmas traditions can be found here whether you are purchasing something premade or even putting something together yourself. Browsing GDC’s selection can inspire you for decorating your home just in time for the holidays. Choose a theme that matches the scheme of your home, or add extra Christmas sparkle with a metallic theme of silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Becoming overwhelmed by holiday displays that start to pop up in store windows is understandable. However, GDC has embellishments that can make the decoration process a fun and festive project.


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unspecified-1Clear your schedules for the weekend of January 27th and come spend some time at our annual Charleston Home + Design Home Show. Explore local design industry booths to glean some inspiration for your next project or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our interior design associates to get some expert advice on that room that has you stumped on what to do with it. Register and be entered to win one of our six design packages. The prize packages are as follows: a $2000 Kitchen Craft package, $2000 of 1st Class Paint services, a $2000 Floor Covering International credit, an $1800 Farris Custom Woodwork package, a $2000 Lowcountry Paver credit, or a $2000 Mosquito Nix treatment package.

If that’s not enough for you, join us for the Palmetto Surfacing preshow party, where we invite our clients, subscribers, and their guests to get an exclusive first look at the incredible show. Come enjoy unlimited food and drink and rub elbows with some of the industry’s most elite members and get some inside info about the Charleston design community. Tickets are just $15 ahead of time, and $20 at the door. Come get inspired with us the last week of January! Visit for more information.

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unspecified-3Free designer consultations are back! Back by popular demand, you will able to schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our many talented interior design clients and associates. Feel free to bring in pictures, fabric swatches, plans, Pinterest boards, and any other materials (that you can reasonably carry) with you to the appointment.

At our home show design consultations, our talented volunteers are industry experts whose job requires them to be up on the latest design trends. This expertise combined with their access to local resources make the design process run as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to work with a plumber, contractor, or furniture dealer, these designers have cultivated relationships in the community that often result in deals not available to the general public. Designer know-how can benefit your home in almost every way, from small details like electric outlet placement to improving the overall value of the house.

Not sure whether this might help you? Check out our website On this one site you will see profiles of our amazing interior design clients and have the opportunity to explore some of their past projects.

Whether you’re just thinking of a project or if you’re elbows deep in fabric samples, let our professional friends help with your project by calling and setting up an appointment at the home show. The designers are happy to offer advice on anything from carpet color to ceiling moulding and everything in-between. Call our office at (843) 577-7652, to schedule an appointment during our home show. We will be at the beautiful Gaillard Center again and will have openings all three–January 27th through the 29th. Walk-in appointments will also be available on a first-come-first-served basis during the event.

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what_best_hardwood_my_room-1Uh oh, the holiday season is upon us, ready or not! While Christmas cheer is certainly a real phenomenon, so is Christmas dread—the feeling you get when you realize you have to host your entire extended family for the holidays and your floors are looking less than stellar. Not to worry, though. There are easy and inexpensive ways to update your floors just in time to show them off to St. Nick (or your discerning mother-and-law).

While hardwood floors are a beautiful and traditional choice that can update a home’s value and provide a warm, festive feel during the holidays, many people worry that the expense is more than the effort to maintain them. However, recent innovations in milling techniques and finishing processes mean that hardwood floors are lower maintenance than ever before.

Still a little hesitant about giving your floors a good old Christmas update? Chat with the experts at Carpet Baggers Carpet One Floor and Home. They can provide professional flooring consultations and measurements, as well as handle the installation process (which is a much safer bet than attempting to DIY). The company also offers financing options in order to make refurbished flooring a financially realistic possibility for everyone, as well as wide range of warranties that allow customers to chose their preferred level of protection. So go ahead, give yourself the gift of beautiful floors this holiday season.

For more information, call (843) 571-0013, visit, or stop by their showroom at 3196 Marginal Road.