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CharlestonLampLight fixtures are to rooms as shoes are to an outfit—they’re completely necessary, but they also provide an opportunity to accessorize and go bold; to tie a look together and show some personality. Choosing the right style of light fixture is up to you and your personal taste, but when it comes to selecting the proper size, there’s a lot of room for error. A piece that is too big for the space will make a room look crowded and clunky, and one that is too small will lose its function and look odd. So how can you be sure you’ve made the right decision? We’ve broken it down for you by category:

Floor Lamps- Floor lamps should be situated in rooms with ample space to add a little extra ambience and are typically placed next to seating. Make sure that the scale of the lamp is similar to that of the chair or couch it sits beside, and that the shade isn’t so wide that you can’t walk past without bumping into it. Also check that there is an outlet nearby where you plan to place the lamp, so that you don’t have a visible chord running across the floor (both unpleasant looking and a tripping hazard).

Chandeliers- Chandeliers are an excellent way to add some drama to a room. With any hanging light fixture, if you are placing it above a table, it’s crucial to measure the width of the table first. Subtract 12 from that number, and that’s the widest possible measurement of your fixture. For the average ceiling height of 8 feet, a good rule of thumb is that the fixture should hang around 30 to 36 inches above the table. If your ceilings are higher, though, add 3 inches for every additional foot of ceiling. For chandeliers that will hang on their own (not directly above a table), measure the dimensions of the entire room, and then add those numbers together. That result, in inches, should be the width of your hanging light fixture.

Table Lamps- Perfect when situated on tables in living and dining rooms, table lamps can be a great way to accessorize a room. The bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level when you are seated. In living rooms, table lamps can be slightly larger, as long as they mesh with the furniture. For dining rooms, it’s wise to go a little smaller. Any table lamp should be no more than one and a half times the height of whatever table it is sitting on, and the diameter of the shade should never be wider than the surface of the table.

Sconces- As a multi-purpose light fixture, scones can provide light to read by, illuminate a painting, or simply add some eye candy. The closer the sconces will be to whatever they are lighting, the smaller in scale they should be. Mount them at eye level. For sconces with shades, the bottom rim of the shade should hit just below eye level. If you hang them next to a piece of artwork, make sure to center them at either side of the picture.

Now that you know how to choose the right scale light fixture for your decorating needs, you can skip ahead to the fun part—shopping for the perfect pieces. Charleston Lamp Company is a great resource for these and other styles of lighting, as well as lamp shades. They can also provide lamp repair, and help you create a custom lamp for any unique lighting needs.

For more information, stop by Charleston Lamp Company at the store on 1760 Ashley River Road, call (843) 763-4150, or visit


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Created by Katherine Byran

Charleston is home to some of the most beautiful greenery around. With everything from our state Palmetto, to leafy Magnolias, ancient Oaks, and deciduous Maples we have leaves falling all year round. Experts recommend inspecting and cleaning out gutters every three months. Failing to do so can cause some serious issues for local homeowners, including structural damage, stone staining and landscape damage. Even when people stick to this recommendation, almost 700,000 people are injured while cleaning their gutters every year. By adding something as simple as a Gutter Guard homeowners can cut down on both structural and personal damage.

These gutters protect homes from foundation and wood damage by directing water over a curved hood which filters out the leaves and debris, removing the source of clogs. This allows homeowners to enjoy Charleston year round, without worrying about cleaning gutters in the sweltering summer, or the dead of winter. Local companies like, Gutter Guard Charleston offer the Gutter Guards in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to choose one that will both protect and complement. Stop by their booth at the Charleston Home Show, January 27th through the 29th.


For more information, call Gutter Guard Charleston at (843) 900-4126 or visit

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What’s a better way to complete your master bathroom than with a luxurious glass shower enclosure? While traditional showers require the maintenance of rods, curtains, liners and more, a glass shower enclosure makes all of this quite simple. Try straying from the typical shower layout, and instead surround yourself with a glass enclosure for a cleaner, more unique feel.

For years, Port City Glass has been providing high-quality glass services, not to mention the option of your very own custom glass shower enclosure. The company’s sophisticated showers can be made of etched, satin, clear, or patterned glass, allowing you to choose what suits your home best. In addition, there are numerous hardware finishes to select from. Spatially, these glass showers open up the bathroom area no matter the size. Along with a modern look and an airy feel, they allow the bathroom’s color scheme to speak a little louder for itself. The transparency of Port City’s glass lets you feel more relaxed and not at all confined to a smaller area. You can even design these showers around your bathroom lighting… because naturally, your shower experience will be brighter and more refreshing.

Created by Paige Stover

Are you tired of the ongoing battle with the notoriously high maintenance hardwood floor? Does it seem as though the floor of your dreams came from a nightmare instead? Enter the wood-like tile floor – the meticulously detailed ceramic tiles that are taking the design world by storm. These tiles are durable, sustainable, customizable, and best of all, cost effective, making them a fantastic option for flooring.

Where conventional hardwood floors chip, warp, fade, and scratch over time, the tile floors are easy to clean and maintain. If damage does occur, the tiles can simply be taken up individually, avoiding the mess of taking up the entire floor. Another benefit is the reduction on the amount of trees cut down per year. Some 20 million trees are cut per year, but not a single one is used with a tile floor. In addition, tile floors can last several decades, reducing costs and the amount of trees cut down. Since it comes in so many sizes, colors, and widths, tile is very customizable, allowing homeowners to tailor their floor to their needs and tastes. Floor Coverings International, located in Charleston, is an excellent place to find a variety of styles for any space and taste. Tile is also cost effective. Although they cost roughly the same as wood planks, the tiles are not so labor intensive and do not require the full-on resurfacing, refinishing, and resealing that conventional wood floors do.

Since wood-like tiles are incredibly detailed, only close examination will reveal that they are not real wood planks. This allows homeowners to have an expensive and exotic-looking floor without an exorbitant price tag.

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Created by Rayleigh Deaton

Atkinson1 Here in the Lowcountry, we love spending time outdoors. We’re incredibly lucky to live in a place where nature’s beauty abounds, providing scenic views and endless opportunities for outdoor activities. However, there are still a few months when we, like the rest of the country, put thoughts of those activities on hold to retreat to the warm comfort of the indoors. But don’t completely abandon daydreams of warmer days! Instead, plan ahead for them: the best time to call about installing a pool is now.

It’s no surprise that the summer months are the busiest for pool companies—they’re slammed with phone calls and busy with project after project. Beat the rush by looking into building a pool during the winter and have your name placed first on the list. Prices are often lower during the colder months as well.

Sold on starting your project, but unsure of who to call? You can’t go wrong with Atkinson Pools and Spas. They’ve been locally owned and family operated for over 30 years and specialize in in-ground pools, hot spring spas, and full-service retail and maintenance. They’re also a certified member of the Aquatech Society, a group of independent pool-building professionals who are required to meet high standards of industry knowledge, service, and reliability. Atkinson Pools and Spas will not only handle the backyard consultation and installation of your pool, but can also provide you with top of the line products to keep it clean and in good working condition. You can trust that you’ll have a pool you will love for years to come if you put your project in their capable hands.

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Created by Katherine Bryan