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It’s hard to beat the traditional elegance of a clean and bright white kitchen or bathroom. It’s a classic choice when decorating a home, but many run into the problem of finding a way to have the space feel personalized to their own tastes. A fun way to create a unique look is using colorful accent tiles in your design. Decorative tiles can be used in almost any part or your living space. Whether you want to use mosaic tiles for a classy touch or use a single, bold color to add a fun flare, tiles provide a beautiful accent to the classic white kitchen or bathroom.

With so many options though it may be hard to decide which route is the best for you. To make sure you choose the tile that is perfect for your living space, schedule an appointment with Lowcountry Tile Contractors, Inc. to tour their extensive show room and get an expert’s input. Locally owned and operated, they offer natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile, as well as decorative mosaic options for you to choose from. With their help, you can find the tiles that will add an extra touch to your kitchen and bathroom.

The “Margaritaville” Backyard Makeover could be yours at this month’s Charleston Home and Design Outdoor Living Festival. Come out to the festival April 22nd or 23rd and enter to win the $20,000+ prize package and get the dream backyard you have always hoped for. Our sponsors have banded together to come up with one of the most versatile and exciting packages we have had to date.

The Margaritaville Backyard Makeover Prize Package Includes:

  • $2000 Grill from Palmetto Outdoor Kitchen
  • $750 Mosquito control service from Mosquito Shield
  • $2000 Landscape plan and project management from DIG Landscape
  • $2000 Outdoor furniture from Backyard Retreats
  • $2000 Hanging Bed from Salt Wood Company
  • $2000 Bedding package for hanging bed from Aiden Fabrics
  • $2000 Pergola from Express Sunrooms
  • $2000 Paver installation from Just Hardscapes
  • $2000 Plant and ground covering package from Stacks Nursery

Protecting you home and your family is of the utmost importance. About every thirteen seconds a home intrusion is committed, and homes without any type of security system are far more likely to be targeted. Luckily, technological developments along side homeowner participation have begun to lower those odds. For thirty-five years QEI Security & Technology has been working to provide secure living to Lowcountry residents. President Chad Sanders and his team of skilled technicians work with the homeowners, accounting for their security needs, before installing the system most suited to the home. While homeowners can choose from a variety of systems that range from the basic system, which includes devices such as a touch control panel, motion detectors, and a key fob. You can also upgrade the system by adding interactive security, or security cameras, and by upgrading to smart home security.

QEI’s most recent security addition is TEQHoM INTERACTIVE, which allows homeowners security at their fingertips. Powered by, the system allows its user to control the security system from any type of smart device such as a tablet or iPhone. So were you to leave your house without arming the security system or even closing the garage door, you would be able to act quickly and easily control your home’s functions. But, owners are also able to turn on notifications, allowing them to receive text messages if anything at the home seems out of place, such as a porch light left on.

Another benefit for TEQHoM INTERACTIVE users is that the system doesn’t just allow for efficient home security, but also allows users complete control of the home. QEI, which was Quality Electric until eight years ago, specialized in technology installation, and still administers these services on top of security coverage, giving home owners the opportunity to not only control their safeguarding systems, but also other aspects of the home such as the sprinkler system, entertainment and lighting. For homeowners interested in security and convenience, QEI will be sponsoring the upcoming Daniel Island Home Show, equipped with a booth, in which they can provide further consultation and information.

For more information, call (843) 553-7576 or visit

Get ready to mark your calendars, because the annul Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival is finally taking place through April 22 to 23, and you won’t want to miss it. Whether you are looking to build, renovate or just need some inspiration, the festival is host to some of the best home professionals in the greater Charleston area, including one of its sponsors, Ultimate Gutter Guard by Southern. Storm rain is an inescapable element of living in the Lowcountry, and can be the cause of devastating home damage such as roof and siding leakage as well as the destruction of your home’s foundation. That is why it is best that your gutters are installed and up to date. But, installing Ultimate Gutter Guard not only protects your home, it also ensures safety and low maintenance for the owner. The specialty gutters are composed of four parts, one of which is the curved hood, that locks onto the five inch gutter and shields it from the possibly of falling materials, such as leaves and twigs, from clogging up the drainage system. This eliminates the bothersome task, and the risks associated, with climbing up on that unstable ladder.

Ultimate Gutter Guard also provides an array of other services suited to make your life efficient and hassle free, including the application of replacement windows, vinyl siding and trim, attic inculcation, and for homeowners interested in easy convenient, bathroom remodeling. Those looking to install safety equipment for the elderly or disabled have come to the perfect place; as we get older, getting in and out of the tub can become a daunting task. Luckily, the company can easily fix this problem by installing walk in tubs and showers. But, for those interested in revamping their bathrooms by adding new luster to an older room, the company is ready to provide, with the included benefit of the process only taking up to one day. This is because Ultimate Gutter Guard leaves the original foundation in tact, gracefully applying custom molded liners, or “wraps” to fit over your shower or tub so they look brand new. If you are looking for convenience and utility with great customer service, stop over to the Charleston Home and Outdoor Living Festival at the Volvo Stadium on Daniel Island to learn more.

For more information, call (843) 410-0645 or visit

With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to get your pool plans in order. Luckily, Clear Blue Pools, local pool contractors, are ready to help. Specializing in construction, remodeling, and pool service, the company will be displaying their talents at the upcoming Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival, taking place April 22nd and 23rd at the Volvo Stadium on Daniel Island.

As sponsors of the event, Clear Blue Pools will be readily answering questions, providing estimates, and consultations for potential pool owners and enthusiasts alike. What is great about Clear Blue Pools is that they do it all. The company not only provides services, such as fixing your pools kinks, providing pool care, and cleaning for those just looking to relax after a long day, but they also renovate. After years of use and taking a beating from tumultuous outdoor elements, updates are often necessary. Clear Blue Pools makes the process easy by simply adding a bit of the new to your seasoned pool. The company re-plasters, re-tiles and re-finishes your pool area as well as updates out of date systems such as lighting. But, one of their most impressive services offered is pool and spa design and construction. Trained professionals will first assess your property and work hand in hand with the homeowners to paint the pool of their dreams. After excavation, Clear Blue Pools will install their state of the art steel rebar system to ensure your pool’s safety and longevity. Once the pool shell and tiling are applied and the equipment set up, the company will apply a finish guarantied to last before finally adding the finishing touch to your outdoor oasis: filling up your new and beautiful pool. Just as soon as you are ready to jump in, technicians will provide instruction on the operation of the pool in order to safeguard you and your latest outdoor edition. To speak more with the experts, drop by the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival, the perfect place to learn more about your perspective pool in a fun and convenient environment

For even more information, call (843) 300-4143 or visit

There is something special about going to the theater to see a movie, but it can be difficult to find a time, date, and movie everyone can agree upon. Not only that, but if you want to refill your refreshments or want to take a quick bathroom break you’ll miss a part of the movie. Although, you won’t be able to watch movies just released in theaters, a home theater system may provide you with the environment you’ve come to love from the theaters with the control and comfort you come to expect from a home entertainment system.

With all the systems that go into a home theater, it can be difficult to know exactly how to design the space and what products will give you the experience you want. If you’re uncertain about how to start the process, talking with AV Lifestyles, a sponsor of the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival, is a good place to start. Whether you have an idea about how you want your home theater designed or you are just starting to research home theaters, AV Lifestyles’ Home Theater Team can design, manufacture, install and automate your complete home theater. With the details that go into making a home theater system run optimally, working with a single company helps to ensure that everything is running properly and you experience the full theater affect in your own home. While you’re already talking with them, consider asking them about their other services. Whether you want to make your home controllable from your phone or you’re looking at updating your security system, AV Lifestyles will work with you to create a system that is tailored completely for your home. With your new home theater system you can watch movies just released to the public, relive classic movies you saw in theaters when you were a kid, or even watch home videos you recorded years ago – as long as you transfer it off of VHS of course. There’s no limit to how you use your home theater system, and it will be a well-loved addition to any home. Check out AV Lifestyle’s booth at the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival April 22 – 23 and learn more about home theaters, as well as media rooms, outdoor living, and more!

Although spring brings back the warm weather we all so thoroughly enjoy in Charleston, it also marks the return of all those pesky bugs that were hiding over the winter. If you want to enjoy spring without the irritation of insects, Palmetto Exterminator may have a solution for you. Palmetto Exterminator is a sponsor at the upcoming Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival, which provides a fun opportunity on April 22nd from 10-5 pm or April 23rd 11-5 pm to visit their booth and talk with them about solutions for your home. With over 50 years of experience in South Carolina and two graduate entomologist, you can rest assured that they have the knowledge and experience to find any pest problem you may have and work with you to stop the current problem and work to prevent future problems. They offer a variety of services including quarterly pest control checks, bed bug control, termite control, and mosquito control. Palmetto Exterminator also offers a One Time Special Event Treatment for mosquitos. This can help to ensure that any get together you have, whether it be a family reunion or a wedding, won’t have any uninvited guests. If you’re concerned about the environment, Palmetto Exterminator has a Palmetto Green optiom, Palmetto Green offers a Green Hybrid and a Green Pro service. Green Hybrid is a program where every quarter they use natural, organic and biodegradable compounds to reduce and eliminate pests as well as traditional non-repellent pesticides twice a year for more immediate results. Green Pro only uses products with natural, organic and biodegradable compounds and will come out to spot treat with this products throughout the year should a problem arise. Although not as immediate as the Green Hybrid or traditional methods, it is an effective and environmentally friendly way to get rid of any unwanted pests. If you want to see what Palmetto Exterminator can do to help you make the most of this spring you can either go to their website and set up a free consultation, or head over to the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival for a chance to ask any questions you may have in person.

Spring is finally upon us in the lowcountry and our Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival is almost here just in time for that summer revamp you’ve been planning. Come check out the festival on Saturday, April 22nd from 10:00 am till 8:00 pm or Sunday, April 23rd from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm and take a look around our vendor booths for inspiration on your next project. This years Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival at Volvo Car Stadium has been made possible by a number of sponsors, including our friends over at Energy One America, Charleston. Locally owned and operated, Energy One America is the number one company in the southeast when it comes to spray foam insulation, RetroFoam, crawl space encapsulation, mold prevention and commercial insulation. With the sweltering summer months coming up and the threat of heat, humidity, and pests high, insulation and crawl space renovations may be the best option to cut down on energy and pest control costs. Spray foam insulation has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 40% and never has to be replaced. The spray foam expands to seal air leaks more effectively than traditional fiberglass insulation which allows air conditioning to leak out costing you hundreds of dollars a month. Another way to reduce summer costs is by going for a full crawl space encapsulation. By closing in your crawl space you can increase the amount storage space in your home while simultaneously improving the air quality by blocking out mold producing moisture and pollen. Enclosing your crawl space can also elongate the life of your wood floors by keeping moisture out preventing them from buckling or cupping. An enclosed crawl space is also much less inviting to pests. Finishing an insulation or encapsulation process with Energy One’s Forticel mold prevention treatment will ensure a mold-free environment for 25 years, even if your home floods. Insulation is one of the most basic ways to improve the longevity and value of your home, especially in the harsh summer months where energy costs can skyrocket. For more information on these processes or others offered by Energy One America, check out their booth at the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival and speak with an expert about your next project.

Building a house or commercial property can be a daunting task, with so many options and processes to choose from, knowing what will be the most cost effective and durable can be tricky. Our friends at Insulsteel make some of the most energy efficient structural steel insulated panels for building from the ground up or renovating any project. New technology has allowed Insulsteel to engineer the panels with opposing double steel framing members coated in Expanded Polystyrene Resin which provides insulation, structural rigidity, and vapor barrier in one easy step. These panels can be used in a wide variety of ways whether it be as foundation, exterior walls, floors, or roof structures. This innovative building material will not expand, move, or twist like wood structures. Thus elongating the life of the product, saving you money, and benefitting the environment as the Steel and EPR (expanded polystyrene resin) used to coat the panels are fully recyclable. The Ecoshell building enclosure system is lightweight, and quickly installed. On top of its benefits to the environment and the builder the Ecoshell system is also extremely beneficial to the homeowner, as it passed tests conducted by the Florida Hurricane Test Lab to withstand hurricane winds up to 200 miles per hour. Ecoshell is also four times more fire resistant than traditional wood. This combined with its compliance with both the Department of Energy Model Energy Code and Energy Star make Ecoshell the U.S.’s highest-quality, lowest-cost building material. Due to its inherent rigidity, exterior siding and interior drywall tend to hang straighter and look more pleasing, giving you the perfect canvas for any design inspiration. If you are looking to start a new project from the ground up, or are simply renovating come talk to one of our sponsors, Insulsteel, at their booth during the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival. Bring your whole family to the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival at Volvo Car Stadium April 22nd – 23rd and get some inspiration or consultation from one of our many vendors just in time for a sweltering Charleston summer.

Feeling eh about your bedroom? Here are some simple tricks to spice up your bedroom without having to redecorate your whole room. The simplest way to spice up your bedroom is by changing out your pillows. Because it is spring, add pops of colors to your bedroom with bright magenta and deep indigo hues. Aiden Fabrics has everything from solid to patterned velvet fabric; it is impossible to not find what you need here. They also offer in-house upholstery service, so you are only a couple of steps away from getting your custom pillow.

If you are in love with the pillows you have or you want to make a HUGE change add a rug into the combination. Pillows will always refresh your look, but a rug will make a completely new one. With hundreds of choices, you will be thankful to have one of their in-store interior designers right by your side. Luckily for you, Aiden Fabrics is also about to have a sale on rugs.

Prepare to be Floored! Enjoy 20% off select in-stock and special order Area Rugs from April 1-30. Shop top brands, including Surya, Jaipur, Capel, Company C, Fab Habitat, Designer’s Guild and Fibre Works Natural Rugs during the annual Area Rug Sale at Aiden Fabrics. Get inspired in the Flooring Showroom with dozens of in-stock rugs and samples. Their friendly design team will help you select and order the perfect Area Rug for your space. With shipments arriving throughout the month, you’ll have options for every room in your home – inside and out! Aiden Fabrics hopes to see you in April!

For more information, contact Aiden Fabrics at (843) 216-0008 or