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There are many advantages to hiring an interior designer to help you redefine your living space. Alexandre Fleuren Interiors can help with any of your projects from historic preservation, to housing codes, to interior decorating. After learning from floral designers, furniture refinishers, painters, and seamstresses, Alexandre received her degree in Housing from the University of Georgia. Her unique background is what makes working with her a remarkable experience. Alexandre ensures that the clients needs always come first. As a client you will be able to choose from three different design involvement options based on what works best for your needs and budget, she will also work with you from a remote location if you are not located in Charleston. Alexandre thinks of the smallest details so you do not have to. From using high gloss paint trims to ensure reflective light to choosing the hangers for a closet prior to the rods, nothing is ever an afterthought. Before she makes any decisions, she thinks of the clients and who they are, the durability of the product, and then the overall aesthetic of the home. When you work with Alexandre Fleuren Interiors you are getting a luxury professional interior design service.

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There are many facets that go into making your home individualistic and uniquely you; arguably, lighting fixtures are one of the most eye-catching features of any home. They are a way to assign a signature to your personal style while still tying together the room and most importantly, making a statement.

And whatever that statement may be, Candelabra, located on Coleman Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant, will be able to provide you with a variety of options in all things lighting. Whether you are looking for a chandelier, pendants, lamps, or more, the store offers them in a variety of styles and materials. Chandeliers are always an excellent way to add a bit of emphasis to any room. For those that value the traditional, variations of glass and crystalline structures, such as pear shaped fixtures, are sure to impress; and for those looking to maintain the Lowcountry custom, chandeliers adapting the Victorian iron working style perfectly capture the history and the quintessential Charleston look. But even those who value the modern approach will be pleasantly surprised. Whether you are going for an industrial atmosphere or vintage echo, the sputnik style is a classic. For homeowners who value even more of the unconventional and fun styles, the store houses a selection of lighting fixtures that display eye catching geometric patterns while utilizing materials such as seashells, woods, exotic beads and rope.

While chandeliers are a staple, Candelabra presents countless options in alternate shapes and forms. Pendants provide utility in task centered areas, such as the kitchen or office; where movement is constant and the tabletop is cluttered, pendants free up space and still provide focalized lighting. Meanwhile, ceiling flush mounts spread light throughout a room and are especially practical for areas with high activity, be it the living room, bathroom, den or hallways. Wall scones are also a go to fixture when it comes to elegance and sophistication. Often sold in sets, they are used to highlight focal points of rooms such as paintings or mirrors, but they also add ambiance and functionality. Better yet, each of these fixture forms are offered in endless shapes, styles and materials. With all these possibilities, you’ll be sure to find a fixture that suits you and your home.

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With people trying to get the latest technology for their homes, sometimes going back to traditional features that don’t have to change every year is a better option. A fireplace is a beautiful and functional option for any home that never goes out of style. Plus, if your power goes out during one of the Lowcountry’s many storms, you can always light your fireplace at night for some added light and warmth until the storm blows over. Whether you choose to have a wood burning fireplace or gas, there are plenty of options that are sure to fit your style and needs.

Fireplaces come in many options, including wood burning fireplaces, Direct Vent, Vent-less, and B Vent, so deciding which fireplace is right for your home can be difficult. M & M Oil and Propane (The Fire Place) may be just the help you need. A locally owned and operated family business, M & M Oil and Propane has been helping the Lowcountry with all of their fire, oil, and propane needs since 1962. They work with various vendors to ensure that you can find exactly the kind of fireplace that would work best with your home. With so many options, you can choose almost every aspect of your fireplace, including mantle, screens, gas logs, and doors. M& M Oil and Propane even makes custom glass fireplace doors to give your fireplace a unique flare that makes it entirely your own. Be sure to drop by their showroom or schedule an in-home consultation to discuss your ideas with an expert. With your new fireplace installed in your home, you will have a new focal point that is sure to impress any guest you invite over.

Some of the best memories are created during those hot summer days in the backyard when the entire family is together enjoying good food and even better company. Although, a cold winter night with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand just staring at the stars can be a memory just as dear. Either way, one’s outdoor living space plays a crucial part in family gatherings, making memories, or just day to day relaxation. With everything that happens outside, it’s important to ensure that you have durable decking to withstand everything you and the tumultuous Low Country weather throws at it.

Whether you’re looking at building or updating your decking, choosing the right material really makes a big impact on how you can enjoy your space. If you’re looking for a strong, low maintenance material that lasts decades, composite decking may be for you. Although people were wary of composite decking when it first came out, it has proven itself to be beautiful and durable product that goes well with a stress-free lifestyle. The low maintenance nature of composite decking is often viewed as its best quality. While wood decking requires intensive treatment every two or so years, composite decks often only require a decent cleaning whenever it starts getting dirty. Not only that, but composite decking has many advantages over wood. Since it is often made from a plastic and wood mixture, it does not splinter or crack, it is resistant to damage from insects and weather, and it is ecofriendly since much of the plastic in it is often from recycled materials.

If these features have won you over, finding an installer will be your next step. Local experts Coastal Carolina Hardscapes can help to ensure that your decking meets the most recent specifications and flows with the coastal lifestyle. Be sure to talk with them about options for your yard to see what features work best for you. Once you’ve finalized you plans, Coastal Carolina Hardscapes will install the decking for you, leaving you plenty of time to make preparations for a barbeque to show off your new deck.