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When and how did Salt Wood Co. get its start?

We got started in late 2013 after having been in the outdoor furniture business for several years. I wanted to switch gears and design both indoor and outdoor products built from reclaimed wood. We felt the story behind the wood and the adventure behind acquiring it was too much to ignore.

What does Salt Wood Co. specialize in?

All kinds of tables made from reclaimed wood – dining tables, end table, coffee tables, etc. We also spend a significant amount of our energy building custom reclaimed barn doors.

What’s a typical day working at Salt Wood Co. look like?

We start with a five minute meeting to cover what will happen production that day. After that is anybody’s guess. I could be out selling our product, putting a finish on a dining table, or assisting in a barn door install.

What’s your favorite part of working and living in Charleston?

I have really grown up and Charleston and am lucky enough to be surrounded by my family. I have always loved the water and enjoy spending as much time as possible out on my sailboat with my wife.

What is the best advice you could give to people in the market for hand-crafted furniture?

If moving into a new space, live there long enough to have the best idea of what you really need. This is especially helpful for dining tables, because it’s important to have a feel of what will work best. Collecting images of what you like and don’t like is also helpful, because it allows us to custom design and tailor our product to their needs.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like people to know about Salt Wood Co.?

We are big believers in meeting deadlines and giving the best customer service. Every day we give old wood new life and love being a part of that cycle.

For more information, visit: or call: (843) 714-1850

Brazil, Italy, Spain – just a few of the places that the owners of Pacific Shore Stones travel to in search of the best stone. At each of these far out places, they visit various quarries, in order to keep up with latest and greatest trends, as well as hand-select only the very best stones.

Upon my visit to the Pacific Shore Stones in Charleston, one of their 17 different distribution locations, my expectations were not only met, but greatly surpassed. When first stepping into the building, the offices were what you would expect from a high-end business: clean, well-kept, and designed to perfection. But, it was not until the magical back doors were opened and I stepped into the gigantic warehouse of premium stones that I was thoroughly impressed, and frankly, a little giddy.

The grandness of Pacific Shore Stones warehouse was magnificent, and as I walked through the rows of granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, and more, there wasn’t a slab that wasn’t unique, beautiful, and distinct. These stones are used in various projects and various rooms within the home, including but not limited to: kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and even as an accent wall.

But, what really makes Pacific Shore Stones stand out to the rest, is the fact that they carry their very own line of quartz. Now, for all of you who are unfamiliar with quartz, it is a man-made stone, unlike marble or granite, but is more durable,

easier to maintain, but just as beautiful as natural stones. Pacific Shore Stones new line of quartz offers a stunning collection of 20 different durable, high quality colors at affordable prices. Each Pacshore Quartz is produced under strict quality control procedures, which always results in consistent colors, textures, and patterns. Pacshore Quartz’s best seller in Charleston is a prime example of just how great a value these stones are. Calacatta Sardinia’s (seen below) is a beautiful white color with subtle yet distinct veining throughout. Often times, because the Calacatta Sardinia is so beautiful and so functional, it will be used throughout a kitchen, including both the island and the perimeter. Another popular Pacshore Quartz is the Calacatta Kauai, which is made to mimic the ever so popular, high-end, Calacatta Gold. But, no matter which Quartz you choose, each slab is made by combining 93% natural quartz stone with 7% resin binder and colorant and turns out to be non-porous, stain, and scratch resistant.

So, if you are search of the perfect stone for your remodel or new build, look no further than Pacific Shore Stones. They offer a wide variety of gorgeous natural stones, as well as their very own line of quartz. This warehouse is a unique gem within Charleston, and their friendly and knowledgeable employees make the process that much easier.

To learn more, check out their website:, call them at: (843) 744-5665, or stop by their store Monday – Saturday!

When and how did Strathmore get its start?

Strathmore Floors-Design-Cabinets is a family owned, full service flooring and cabinet supplier serving metro Atlanta, North and Southwest Georgia, and Western Alabama since 1993. Over the past eight years, Strathmore-Floors-Design-Cabinets proudly grew to serve the Nashville, TN, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, and Charleston SC areas. Our customers and suppliers always have direct access to a managing family member, and we are in our stores, customers’ homes, and job sites every day. This guarantees great customer service and a personal commitment to quality and value. Our team and years of experience, coupled with the desire to give our customers the best and most recent trend setting products possible, guides us in our mission to service our customers to the highest standards.

What does Strathmore specialize in?

Strathmore has grown in their services through the years which include flooring, cabinets, design services, paint, blinds and shutters.

What’s a typical day working at Strathmore look like?

No two days are ever the same and we love it! You will find out very quickly that all of our employees will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Shane and Stella truly believe that we are only successful if we have the best team behind us and we really do. You may have a job title but each department wears many hats and will quickly jump to other areas of the business to help out. Customer service is what keeps us in business and we pride ourselves on a high percentage of repeat customers.

Our team is trained to pull your entire job together and look like you professionally had a designer into your home. On the cabinet side, we like to say we sell kitchens, not cabinets. In our design center you can choose your cabinets, flooring, and a tile backsplash. We can even help you with plumbing finishes, paint colors, and countertop options. When you leave your design appointment you will feel a sense of comfort with your project.

What’s your favorite part of working and living in Charleston?

The family doesn’t live locally in Charleston but we do visit our showroom at least twice a month. Charleston is one of our favorite Strathmore cities and we love the community feel that it offers. The housing industry is booming here and we are grateful and excited to be a part of the growth. What we do helps our customers make their house a home and we take pride in every one.

What is the best advice you could give to people in the market for flooring?

Buy what you love! Flooring is not an everyday purchase so go ahead and make an emotional investment. Enjoying your home with your friends and family is what makes life more fun. We are on the cutting edge of design and are able to educate our buyer to make a wise choice that they will not regret. Do take in mind how your family lives and what type of flooring option will work best with your busy life. Hard surface is always the longest run for your money but there is a higher investment on the front side. We offer a wide selection of rugs to soften every room and make it easy to enjoy family game nights and social gatherings.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like people to know about Strathmore?

Our Strathmore Family is so excited to be in Charleston and build a strong reputation within the market. Our company has been built on customer service and listening to our customers about their needs and wants. Watching a homeowner’s vision become reality is what drives us to continue in this business. Please stop in soon and meet us. We would love to help you build a beautiful home in one of the most sensational cities in the country.


What once was a store specializing in all types of lighting, from ceiling lights, to wall lights, to lamps, and more, is now taking on a new endeavor. Recently, Rick’s Lighting + Home, has expanded dramatically and begun to sell beautiful and unique furniture in their West Ashley Showroom.

Owner Rick’s philosophy is “buy right and pass the savings on to the customer,” creating an comfortable and affordable shopping experience for all. Since its opening in 1984, Rick’s Lighting + Home has seen many expansions and diversifications, but 2017 has been the biggest yet. With his assembled team of experts in lighting and interior design, Rick’s can now outfit a full-range of styles with distinct character and classic appeal.

The new Rick’s Light + Home features a great deal of new options for your home, including, desks, dressers, storage centers, and tables of all sort; along with, of course, the beautiful lighting options they have always had. Their showroom is alway stocked, receiving new shipments in weekly, and though they are recently expanded, their new products are selling quickly. And, after talking a walk around the showroom, it is obvious why.

The showroom is lively and filled with character, with gorgeous chandeliers and pendants hanging from the ceiling, and table lamps spread across all the beautiful furniture, it is impossible to just look at one piece. Your eyes are taken from one gorgeous product to the next, especially in the new backroom that is now their Outlet Center. The Outlet center contains all of Rick’s Lighting + Home discount products, which allows for all types of cliental. And though, the outlet center is filled with discounted lighting and furniture, the quality does not fade. All of Rick’s discount pieces are just as beautifully made as the rest of the store, and with each piece being unique from the next, there is absolutely something for everyone.

So whether you’re looking for new lighting, or a new accent piece for your living room, Rick’s Lighting + Home is a one stop shop for all your needs. For more information visit: or call: (843) 763 – 2282.

After becoming the youngest female in Olympic figure skating history to win gold, Tara Lipinski began putting down roots at the age of 14. Throughout this golden feature (pun intended) you’ll read about her story and see how her exciting life has influenced her home.

When I found out that I was going to get the chance to interview Tara Lipinski in her home, I felt a bit overwhelmed; it isn’t often that we get to sit down with childhood idols. In the 90s, sports like gymnastics and figure skating were all the rage. I remember trying to do cartwheels and spins and I would prance around my house pretending like I was one of the graceful women on television. Unfortunately, I was about as graceful as a bullfrog stuck in mud, but I didn’t care. Those powerful, hardworking, gorgeous women, seemingly doing the physically impossible in the loveliest way had me, and millions of others, captivated. I’ll never forget where I was when I watched Kerri Strug nail that final vault during the 1996 Olympics or when Tara landed gold in 1998.

After becoming the youngest female figure skater champion, Tara started building her Kiawah Island home. Throughout this oceanfront abode, you’ll find parts of her life story integrated into the architecture, décor, and ambiance. Tara’s years of success on the ice paved a foundation for her to continue to grow and evolve in her career and as a woman. She and her adorable mother were kind enough to let some of the team from Charleston Home + Design magazine in to photograph this home and hear about how she went from a social butterfly child in Texas to becoming a household name all across the country.

{For extra pictures of Tara’s home, check out the gallery at the bottom of the blog!}

Outdoor living space and being able to enjoy the views were two must-have elements for Tara when planning started. Ample windows and three levels of decking help to make those wishes a reality.

We all know about your successful career paths, but let’s start from the beginning. Where did this journey begin for you?

I was born in Philly and raised in south Jersey. I was a normal kid riding my bike around and playing with my friends. I kind of call that my hometown, but we traveled so much when I was a kid and we moved to Texas when I was nine. I’ve lived in Sugarland for forever, so it is a hometown as well; when I won the Olympics that was definitely my hometown. I guess I get confused on what my hometown is or was because I trained in Detroit, Michigan for many years leading up to the Olympics and when I was 14, I came out here to Kiawah Island.

How did you first enter the world of skating?

I started out roller skating because back in the day that was cool and I began competing in that. It was more of a social thing and I’m not sure how I started competing in it because I remember hanging out with my little girlfriends and we’d put on shows for our moms and it was just fun. Then, when I was six, I decided to give ice skating a try. Immediately I loved it and attempted to do both for a while, but it was just too much. I had to focus on ice skating because it just took over my life…you know, pursuing an Olympic dream takes time [laughs]. Really, I just spent the next ten years of my life skating.

When did it hit you that ice skating was going to be something bigger and what was that realization like?

I loved it so much when I was roller skating and ice skating because it was just a social thing for me and so much fun that competing was really just an extra added bonus. Obviously, I began to notice how much the coaches would want to work with me and I would go to these competitions and win them all. It wasn’t until I was about nine where I was like, ‘Oh, I’m probably really good. I’m winning…a lot…that’s weird. Does it mean that maybe I could possibly make it to the Olympics?’ [laughs] Eventually though, if you’re spending that much time training, even when you’re little, and practicing five days a week in a rink, you’re looking at other champions and watching others compete in the Olympics and you start to wonder.

What went through your mind when it hit you that you were going to Nagano?

It was insane. The year before I won, well three years before, I knew that it was a definite possibility, but I competed on ice, and that’s slippery, so I never knew if I was going to slip and ruin my chances by coming in eighth or if I was going to win. Also, I was competing against one of the greatest competitors at the time, Michelle Kwan, so it wasn’t an easy route and I couldn’t just call it in. My performance had to be the best so the training was very difficult for me with always trying to up the difficulty ante just to stay on top. Those three years before Nagano were exciting; I was always the youngest, but just to be on that senior level and be around all of my icons and ice skating idols while traveling the world was the best. Then I won Nationals and Worlds when I was 14 and it began this whirlwind of craziness. That’s when it really became a strong rivalry between Michelle and I leading up to the Olympics. I knew that whether I won the Olympics or not, I was going to be an Olympian; all I could think about was getting to walk in the opening ceremony. To this day I wear my Olympic ring that you get and all of that meant so much to me. Just being an Olympian and being at both opening and closing ceremonies was so amazing.

Do you have a standout memory from the Olympics?

One of my favorite moments is after I won and after all of the media events, it was probably 3 a.m. at this point, and I went to the cafeteria and Wayne Gretsky was there with all of the other hockey team members and they all started cheering! We ended up having a little ice cream party and it was just me with a ton of hockey players and Wayne Gretsky leading the way.

Who were some of your idols and how does it feel to be a role model yourself?

That is so strange to hear. You don’t realize it at the time and when I look back at other athletes, like Dominique Moceanu of gymnastics. She was like an idol and we became pen pals and friends and I just admired her. Honestly, I love my sport so much so that if I’m able to pass that passion on or encourage people to get on the ice, it is pretty cool.

As for my idols, there were so many. Scott Hamilton, Kristi Yamaguchi, Oksana Baiul are a few of them. Back then in the 90s, skating was at its peak. There was also Midori Ito and Brian Boitano. I used to go see Stars on Ice, the show that I eventually toured on. I have a picture of me in my little Blossom hat when I was eight years old getting Scott Hamilton’s autograph. It is crazy that six years later I was on that show performing with him.

Tara was gifted a show-worn costume and pointe shoes by a ballerina, which she displays on her master bedroom wardrobe.

What was it like to transition from being an amateur to a professional?

It was pretty easy. Like I mentioned before, it was the height of the figure skating popularity back in the 90s after Nancy and Tonya and there were so many opportunities for tours like the Stars on Ice tour or the made for television competitions. If I wanted to, I could’ve done both at the same time and stayed amateur, but I just really felt that I had accomplished so much. This was a hard thing for many people to accept since I was so young though. But I won Nationals, Worlds, Olympics, I had the best Olympic experience, and I skated the way that I wanted to. I wonder that if I hadn’t skated the way I wanted to that I might want a re-do or something but things did fall in line for me. I felt like the next step was something that I wanted to take, which was to perform and entertain in a different way instead of doing the every day training and then competing.

What was it like to transition away from skating?

I was so young and there were so many opportunities for me from skating then and I had a contract where I did my own special and it was really cool. I knew my experiences were something wonderful and that I was lucky enough to get them because of skating and what I had done. When I stopped skating, I still had connections and there were a lot of opportunities. Especially being a teenager at the time, getting to be able to do some of those opportunities, like Malcom in the Middle or 7th Heaven, was fun and I was really grateful for them. As I got older and stopped touring, I decided I wanted to find what was next for me. I realized that commentating and broadcasting was the next step for me, even though it was a long road to get to. It took me about five years to break into that business. I was lucky enough in 2014 for Sochi to happen with the ‘craziness of Tara and Johnny’ on the Sports Network. One day Johnny and I created a funny Instagram account for us and we went from like four followers the first night to about 30,000 the next morning. From there, we knew we had something special.

I just love the dynamic between you two.

Yes, me too! What makes it work is that we really are best friends. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I talk to him every single day. I think that is what makes what we do on air that much better and it is so hard to find.

You two have gotten to move up to primetime now, which is exciting. What is it like being a former performer and being in this new role?

Yeah, it’s just, wow; we are extremely lucky. We’ve been primetime for all US events for the past three years. I think it’s really hard for athletes to make that switch. I do remember and admire Scott Hamilton and Dick Button. I remember how Dick hated my layback and I think about stuff like that. Someone like Dick, who is like the forefather of commentators for figure skating, was able to balance the criticism with being supportive. You never felt like he hated your skating. I try to do that too, and I think Johnny does as well. It’s difficult to tell the truth, because sometimes it isn’t always nice, but I think that’s what the sport needs right now and I think that’s why people listen to us. The judging system has changed so much and is difficult to understand, and even political, that it makes it hard to follow what is happening.

Sometimes I’ve wanted a translator because things can get so technical!

Right? Yes, it can be hard to know what is happening if you’re just watching. We will explain things and give the audience what they deserve, but at the same time, I always keep performing in mind. It’s not in my personality or Johnny’s to have any meanness. We are just as truthful as we can be.

Switching gears, I’m in love with this home. What is more of the backstory for this space and some of your other properties?

When I was 14, after I won Worlds, we came out here to Kiawah because I had always loved being near the ocean. Growing up, I’d go to the ocean with my parents and we’d go to this cute little place and I would always say, ‘If I ever do well, I’m going to get a house by the ocean.’ We actually have a book upstairs where I drew a picture of my mom and me walking and I’m saying that quote. I found South Carolina through one of my tutors. She had just moved to South Carolina and she kept saying how much I’d love it. It’s so special out here and once I found Kiawah, I just knew that this place was it. I used my money from skating and bought this lot and it started my investment in real estate. It took us about four or five years to build this home.

We have had a place in Texas since I was a little girl, but this house here was mine. Later I had an apartment in Detroit when I trained and then a place in LA and one in New York in the West Village. Eventually, I was switching between LA and New York and spending summers out here, and as work got busier, being out here became my sanctuary. Before I began commentating, I would spend about six months at a time out here and I never got bored. I love Charleston and this Lowcountry lifestyle. The beaches are beautiful, the water is warm, and the weather is gorgeous. I’m thankful that winning the Olympics gave me the opportunity to build this home. That’s why this house means so much to me. I just love it here.

For Tara and her friends, the kitchen is a main gathering place. The large wooden island allows for her and her group of friends to all gather around and hangout during their annual girls trip.

What were some of your design priorities and must haves for this home?

Windows! I just had to have lots of windows so I could see this view. I wanted that Southern feel with all of the porches because I’m never inside when the weather is pretty. I have a Jacuzzi on my top floor, which is something I really wanted. When I was 14, after watching Clueless I really thought I needed one of those motorized closets and my parents tried to talk me out of it, but I did it anyway. I never use it at all. The back is just for storage. The other must-have element was Paris. You’ll see influences of it throughout the house. I was out there for a while doing this movie then and my best friend came out for the summer while I was filming. I was 19 and it was such a special experience for me to be able to travel like that; it was this life changing experience and I always wanted to remember that.

I see the French influence for sure. You’ve filled the home so nicely. How did the style come together?

First, I love antiquing. My mom got me into that. I think I have a really eclectic look honestly. I don’t like too much of any one thing. There is some gold, but not a lot. Really, I like the romantic look and I thought that the colors of that theme, with blues and whites, fit the coastal look here. Even though this is a beach house, I didn’t want to just put up shells everywhere.

What is your favorite space in this home?

The kitchen. There’s this whole house and that is where we go. Every year my girlfriends, all nine of us, come together here on July 4th and we realize that we just stay in the kitchen or by the pool. My room is nice as well. That view is pretty great to wake up to.

What other plans do you see for your life moving forward?

I have so many dreams and I always try to put too many things on my plate. I’m also working overseas on a skating show that isn’t an actual skating show; it’s more of an immersive show like a Queen of the Night or a Sleep No More. It has a sexier, cooler vibe for a night out. Skating would be the base of it, but it would have actors and dancers. I’ve been working on that for four years. Then, obviously, there is the commentating that Johnny and I are doing along with our other projects together outside of the booth.

As the Lowcountry is ushered into this year’s hurricane season by changing temperatures, windy nights, and damaging storms, plants and landscaping can suffer in the tempestuous conditions. Yards have already been in danger of drowning in the floods produced by the various storms this year. However, there is one threat stormy weather brings that is especially hazardous to tall trees: lightning.

Due to their height, lightning targets southern giants, like live oaks, and uses them as fast travel to the soil. Unfortunately, this kind of electrical activity in the trunk results in the death of almost half of every lightning-struck tree. This is a scary thought for the safety of those gorgeous oaks dripping with Spanish moss and southern charm.

So how do you protect your tall shade-givers from lightning?

Thankfully, there’s a preventative solution. Lightning protection systems can be installed that will keep trees from harm in the summer storms. Schneider Tree Care, located on Meeting Street in North Charleston, provides this lightning protection service by attaching copper cables to the highest branches of the tree and securing them into the ground below. If the tree does get struck by lightning, these cables will absorb and distribute the electrical current safely away from the tree. It is important to keep trees safe from storms not only for the sentimental significance they might have but also for the refreshing and relieving shade that they’ll give on the hot summer days that are sure to come.

In the unfortunate event that a tree doesn’t survive a lightning strike, Schneider Tree Care can also safely remove the affected tree by carefully dismantling it using special equipment. Homeowners should not try to remove large trees without professional help—even trees with small diameters can be way too heavy to remove without the special rigging provided by Schneider Tree Care. After dismantling the tree and removing it, Schneider Tree Care will remove the stump as well, ensuring both safety and charm for the landscape.

For more information on this company, visit or call 843.300.5200.

*This blog is from Christopher Rose Architect’s blog*

Check out their site for more blogs on past projects, trends, and more!

A contemporary home we designed is coming out of the ground in Florence, SC. It is for two doctors and we have designed an updated “rain porch” home. This is a unique architectural style from the Pee Dee Region where the home is being built. For the porches on these homes the columns go from the ground to the roof and the porch is pulled back from these so the edges of the porch don’t get wet during a storm. Therefore the name “Rain Porch” home. The home is being built by Jody Lane and ReMark Studio is the landscape architects on the job.

Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and along with longer days and warmer weather comes a wave of new foliage in Charleston. Various native plants flourish year-round, always adding life and color to this already lively landscape. Native plants are not only beautiful, but have adapted to the climate and rainfall this part of the United States endures. Not to mention that they are able to handle the upcoming hot and humid weather without much watering. With so many lovely plants native to Charleston, it’s no wonder that DIG Landscapes incorporates as many as possible in their Charleston landscape designs.

DIG Landscapes is a full-service Landscape Design/Build firm run by Patty Craven, Nicholas Popovich, and their team. They offer services that satisfy all your landscape, horticulture, and architectural needs when creating unique and picturesque outdoor spaces. These experts do their best in using native plants, and even have a few personal favorites. The Prickly Pear Cactus and the Black-eyed Susan are two beloved choices as well as wonderful selections for the warmer seasons. In bloom from April through June, the Prickly Pear Cactus is a wonderful contrast between the deep green cactus and its bright yellow flowers. Similarly, the Black-eyed Susan blooms May through July and has a cheerful yellowish gold color that will brighten up any and all gardens. Choosing native plants not only adds beauty to your garden, but also attracts wildlife and supports the environment according to DIG Landscape. So, whether you’re looking to start fresh or re-do an aging landscape, make sure to check out DIG Landscape and a complete list of foliage that is native to the South Carolina coast!

There is something to be said about hand-crafted furniture, not only are these pieces higher quality and longer lasting, they often create a feeling of warmth and authenticity throughout your home. Tucked away in Mt. Pleasant, minutes from downtown, you will find a company that takes reclaimed wood and creates furniture that is, simply put, magnificent. Salt Wood Co. is a custom furniture shop, that creates one of a kind pieces for their clients. They take the time to meet with clients in order to sketch ideas out as well as collaborate with them in creating a piece that is perfectly unique. Once the piece is drawn, Salt Wood Co.’s experienced team of woodworkers and artisans go to work in making this drawing a 3 dimensional masterpiece.

With his small team, currently consisting of 4 people including a few interns, owner Vann Cochran is able to take the ordinary and make it quite extraordinary. While touring his shop, I saw everything from a Cypress Wood table, to a gorgeous bench made from a tree that fell on a farm, thanks to a recent storm. Customers are offered the opportunity to bring in their own wood, like the farm tree, or the various pieces made from a woman’s grandfather’s hardwood floors. And it truly is a noteworthy experience, walking through the shop, and seeing the pieces and individual stories that go with each. But, if you do not have your own wood with its own story, you are able to choose from the various reclaimed wood that they already have in stock as well. No matter which direction you choose, you are deciding to create a piece out of material that already has a history, whether you are familiar with it or not. This creates furniture that has a kind of genuineness that you are unable to duplicate in big furniture stores.

Though, they can and will create just about anything for their clients, Vann and his team do believe their most popular pieces are farm tables, sliding barn doors, and benches. Though, it could be argued, that the lovely bed swings they can create should be added to that list as well. Bed swings seem to becoming a more prevalent fad today in Charleston, and for good reason. These swings are the perfect spot to lounge, relax, and read a book (or take a nap). Recently, Salt Wood Co. created one of these perfect spots to unwind for the 2017 Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival Backyard Makeover Giveaway. The Giveaway offered a great deal of amazing prizes, but the Salt Wood Co. bed swing drew the attention of almost every festival goer. This handcrafted bed is beautiful as it is comfortable. But, it is the small details, such as the custom wine holder, that make this piece, as well as all hand – crafted furniture, so special.

If you are in the market for exceptional, well-built, and unique furniture, Salt Wood Co. is the place for you. With the ability to build whatever it is you desire, the options are limitless and you are given the ability to express yourself fully through your home decor. For more information on this company and how to make an appointment, visit, email:, or call: 843.714.1850.

Fisher Recycling has been a long time advocate for the environment, and is able to take that old recyclable material that you never thought you’d see again and create something absolutely magnificent. Their process is simple, they collect materials, such as glass, through their recycling service. With these materials, they create everything from countertops to outdoor living features; all the way to exhibit surfaces at the South Carolina Aquarium. Their pieces come out unique, colorful, and texturized, and beautifully accent every Lowcountry home.

Getting their start in 1992, the company has grown substantially in its time. Founder Chris Fisher began his journey as an “ecopreneur” by collecting recyclable goods from many restaurants and business owners throughout the Charleston area. As he continued to do so, he made a name for himself and soon enough the business community embraced his mission of office and restaurant recycling. It wasn’t until 2005 that the product line “GlassEco” came about. This was the moment that these recyclables became more than just materials, but rather works of art in the making. “GlassEco” is now a huge part of what Fisher Recycling does, and recently a website was launched specifically for this product line.

GlassEco manufactures a wide variety of hard surfaces including, but not limited to: countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities, shower walls and pool surrounds. These surfaces are not only unique, stylish, and sometimes playful, they are also ecofriendly! Each surface is designed specifically to suite the customers wants, and is fully customizable, a feature that is not often offered in the Terrazzo Style glass countertop business. You, as the customer, are able to pick from a wide variety of locally sourced glass, order additional glass accents, control the glass sizes and combinations as well as add special elements such as shells and stones to make it that much closer to your heart.

To learn more about Fisher Recycling and their sister company GlassEco, visit their new website: or call (843) 554 – 6099!