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Southern Current is a solar energy company that manufactures and installs solar energy systems on the residential, commercial, and utility scale. As one of the largest utility-scale solar providers in the U.S., Southern Current is revitalizing the employment of solar facilities with each project. Southern Current works with all markets on the commercial side, helping both regulated and unregulated commercial energy companies to provide solar services to commercial, industrial, agricultural, non-profit and municipal businesses. As for residential services, Southern Current prides themselves on offering affordable and customizable solar options for the individual homeowner in the South Carolina market. In each of these divisions of the Southern Current platform, the main goal remains to change the current and future reality of solar power into being a more cost-effective, sustainable, and dependable source of energy.

Southern Current is rallying together a team of participants to walk on March 17th at Riverfront Park in the 2018 Walk for Water. While Southern Current is so actively invested in sustainability and natural resources, the Walk for Waters mission to aid the global issue of water shortages is a cause they are excited to support. Each dollar raised will go towards a large community development project, which will strategize and implement ways to distribute clean water to those in need. Each participant will walk 3.5 miles in total, carrying a bucket of water for the second half to represent those who walk to bring clean water home to their families every day. Southern Current has raised 44% of their total goal of $2,000 for the Walk for Water and is still welcoming new participants to join the team and walk with them. If you would like to help but cant attend the walk, you can still make a difference by making a donation online.

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The past decade has seen an exponential increase in the use of technology and social media. It is perhaps no surprise then that surrounded by constant advancement and frenetic energy we have turned to nature to find peace. The National Parks Service alone reported record numbers of visitors in 2014, 2015, and 2016 with numbers continuing to rise each year. The 2018 picks for interior painting colors seem to reflect this growing need to find nature’s peace in an ever-changing world.

Behr chose a 2018 color palate undeniably inspired by the natural world. The palate features sunset colors “Life is Good” and “Spirit Warrior.” Other colors like “Wide Sky” and “Soul Search” seem to evoke the various shades of the sky and the ocean. The neutral “Road Less-Travelled” and “Off the Grid,” as well as Behr’s 2018 color of the year “In the Moment” also encourage us to bring nature’s solace into our own homes. Benjamin Moore too chose earthy tones for 2018 with names like “Dreamy Cloud,” “Carolina Gull,” and “Elk Horn.” Sherwin-William’s 2018 color of the year “Oceanside” unites the blues and greens of the sea and brings them inside as well.

While the 2018 interior paint trends can’t replace a real hike through Acadia National Park or a trip to the Grand Canyon, they can allow us to find nature’s comforting colors inside and out. If you are looking for a way to bring these or any other colors into your own home, Koozer Painting can help. The Koozer Painting team can provide professional painting services for all the rooms in your house. The team will ensure that any holes or cracks have been filled and, if necessary, that the wall has been properly primed before it is painted. Painters will also inspect the work upon completion to ensure that your paint color will last. With such natural colors to choose from and a stress-free painting experience courtesy of Koozer Painting, you are sure to have a peaceful start to your 2018.  

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Blog By Emily Anderson

Photographed by: Margaret Rambo