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Planning a landscape design can be a lot of work from picking out the flowers to creating the color combination. A great starting point to selecting your garden’s color scheme is by looking at the color of your home. If your home is a neutral color, like beige or gray, you have many options with your landscape. Add bright florals to make your home pop or embrace the neutral by using more earth-toned plants. If your home is bright, use dramatic florals that complement each other.

There are a wide variety of color schemes to consider from monochromatic to warm or cool colors. Embrace a monochromatic look by arranging the flora from light to dark. Weave in some more neutral colors and allow the design to shine. You can also stay on one side of the color wheel and opt for warm colors. If you are in need of a little more help, Remark Landscape can also provide ideas and plans for private garden needs. They can help tailor and execute a plan that will fit your style and sustainable desires.

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Be a little bold by adding metallic accents to wood-based pieces. Join the latest trend of collaborating metal and wood to create a new look for any room. You can go for a traditional look with a rustic twist by sticking with traditional wood and rustic metals or stick with a modern feel using geometric styles and bright metals. Pull this look off with simple details, such as switching out handles, or change out something major, like light fixtures, to change the feel of any room. Add a metallic touch to any wood fixture for a vibrant feel. A simple trick to keep in mind when pairing metals and wood is to stick with tones and textures. Emphasize light-colored wood pieces with bright metal fixtures. A great, and easy, way to test out this style is by changing out your kitchen cabinets. 

Need a little guidance? Check out Sullivan Custom Cabinets! They can help you create the perfect duo of metal and wood for your home style. Contact a consultant and switch out your style today. 

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