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Julianne Taylor has always had a passion for design. She earned her B.F.A in Interior Design from the University of Georgia and is the founder of Taylor Burke Home. After years of living abroad, Julianne and her family settled in the Lowcountry and she designed a home that is full of bright colors and bold patterns. I chatted with Julianne about how she worked to create a cohesive space with unique touches, and without fear of being adventurous in her design. 

1. It’s clear in your home that you are not afraid of bold colors and pops of fun patterns. Was that always the case? How did you get to that point if not? 

I’ve always been pretty brave with color, and it really comes from a place of personal preference. I truly believe that we have to surround ourselves with what makes us happy. 

Your personal space is where you start and end the day– and think of it sort of like a sandwich. It’s like the buns, and it really sets the tone for all of daily life that happens in the middle. 

2. What was your design process like for this home? Did you have ideas for each room beforehand or did you get in the space and let it guide you?  

We built our house as part of a Pulte planned community, and we moved in December 2014. The first thing I did before anything else was to put up our tree. The neighbors thought I was crazy! But– I wanted something in the house to be bright and cheery for the kids amidst all of the moving boxes. Most people don’t know that we lived overseas for ten years prior to moving to the States, and I had loads of artwork and accessories from our travels and life in Melbourne, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Seoul. I really had to live in our home for a good 1-2 years before tackling it room by room. I’m the kind of person that approaches design in an unexpected way. Each room in the house is different, but yet cohesive in the creativity of the individual spaces. 

Along with me– many of my colleagues have “cobblers shoes” syndrome in that we can design all day for our clients, but we always have unfinished projects at home. It really took me about 2-3 years to finish our home, and during this time I launched several licensed collections of wallpaper with Mitchell Black ( ). Several of my wallpaper designs determined the overall design for some of the spaces in the house. I’m a huge fan of putting wallpaper on the ceiling, and it was certainly the jumping off point for the design of our morning room and dining room.

3. How did you use your love of bright colors and patterns to create a home that was not only your style, but also functional for your family?  

I tease my husband that when we got married his favorite colors were brown and dark brown. And– it was his idea to paint our family room a bright coral color! Design can be so subliminal– over the years my design choices in every country we’ve lived in involved color and it’s influenced him. It makes him happy– and I think you can evolve in your taste and feeling about your surroundings by the way it makes you feel. It can be a very subconscious thing. In our current home it was really important to live in our space to see how we were going to use it before determining the design. For one thing our morning room was actually built to be the breakfast area in the home, but we really wanted to use it as a space that could be an open TV/lounge area to enjoy while we cook. By breaking the rules it’s now become our favorite place in the house!

4. Why was it so important to you to use bold patterns and colors in your design? Did it scare you at first?  

Bold color and a fun pattern mix match my personality. I like a space to look unexpected, but purposeful and people know as soon as they walk in that JuJu lives here. My husband and I have a saying, “Don’t let life hold you hostage”.  And– we feel that way about design choices as well. The first green we selected for our dining room looked great in the day, but then turned into a horrible neon green at night. It had to go! We marched right back to Sherwin-Williams the next day and repainted the dining room in the now Kilkenny color that we absolutely love. Wallpaper is a different story, but I always tell my clients “Don’t let painting a room hold you hostage. If you hate it– 40 bucks will change it right back or to something else you love more. Really. Isn’t a beautiful space worth 40 bucks?”

As far as pattern mixing– there is an art to that. But anyone can make this work. The most successful designs to me are when you can use a variation in pattern type and scale.For example, I typically wouldn’t use small stripes of different colorways in the same room. But– I might select a small stripe with a large check pattern in the same space.

5. What advice do you have for decorating with a bold style? 

I always advise to take a risk. Sometimes the greatest beauty comes from trying something new, and I highly recommend spending some time dreaming about your perfect space. I always say, “It costs nothing to dream and everything not to.”

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Megan, her husband Hugh, and their furry friends relax in their fully renovated Mt. Pleasant home.

What are some questions that you ask your clients to determine how you can best design for them? 
We have an extremely detailed Welcome Packet available on the Services page of our website that breaks it all down! The first thing we ask of a potential client is to fill out our Design Inquiry form. This form helps us decide if we will be a good fit for the client. We ask a lot of background questions- what rooms they would like help with, which items/ accessories they would like incorporated into the design, floor plans of the home (if pre-existing), total budget, detailed measurements, photos/ videos of the space and more. We also ask questions regarding what they want to achieve including must-haves for the room, words to describe the look they want, likes and dislikes. We like to know what their favorite home stores are and view their inspiration boards on Pinterest. Gathering all of this information up front helps us gage the scope of the project and determine if we will be able to bring their vision to life.

Welcome Packet:

What are some of the most common questions that you’re asked? 
The question I get asked most often is what is my favorite white paint color. It seems so simple but there are so many different shades of white. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is my go to color. Since white has become my signature color, I wrote a blog post to offer a quick run down on my favorites. 


I also get asked regularly how to have light colored furniture with pets and kids. I am a big believer in performance fabrics. With the right fabric you can achieve any look you want! We sell furniture on the Megan Molten Shop with performance fabrics options. 

Shop: I am often asked how to make an open concept space cohesive. This can be tricky, especially with lighting as it is visible all at the same time. Maintaining balance is key. I wrote a blog post on how to mix and match lighting in an open floor plan that tells the same story. 


Lastly, I am often asked how we charge. We offer three design packages- Full Service, Virtual or Do It Yourself E-Design. A custom design package is created after the initial consultation based on needs, budget and total scope of the project. All design packages have a $1500 minimum plus the price of products. Check out the Welcome Packet for further breakdown! 

Where do you pull inspiration from for your designs? 
I have a LOT of saved Instagram albums- all labeled- tile, lighting, paint, fabric, wallpaper, etc…they go on and on. I see something and say ” Oh-I  love that!” I do this on my phone as well. Albums full of saved inspiration photos from travels, restaurants, high point furniture market, it goes on and on! I reference them often when sourcing a project and it’s always so exciting when I get to bring one of those ideas to life or make an inspiration a reality! 

How long does a typical project take? 
Our Full Service design process takes around 21 weeks from consultation to installation. Our Virtual design process takes between 21 and 23 weeks and our Do It Yourself E-Design process takes about 7 weeks. Find the full timeline breakdown for each service on our Welcome Packet! 

How do you source your items? 
We source our items from trade only vendors we have visited over the years at Highpoint Furniture Market. We have learned their products, customizations, and built our own curated list of known and trusted products and vendors. I mostly source items I’ve seen in person, touched, sat on, etc. as the quality is really important to me as well as my credibility to clients. They are trusting me that their sofa will be comfortable and stain resistant- that’s a lot of pressure:) 

What advice do you have for homeowners looking to work with an interior designer? 
You don’t have to tackle it all at once. Most of our clients do their home design projects in phases and that’s ok! It allows you to buy more quality, long lasting pieces for each space rather than trying to fill up an entire home. I also would recommend finding a designer you trust and communicate well with- those are the two most important things. If you have that, you will have the best experience and be so happy in the end! 

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It’s hard to beat the traditional elegance of a clean and bright white kitchen or bathroom. It’s a classic choice when decorating a home, but many run into the problem of finding a way to have the space feel personalized to their own tastes. A fun way to create a unique look is using colorful accent tiles in your design. Decorative tiles can be used in almost any part or your living space. Whether you want to use mosaic tiles for a classy touch or use a single, bold color to add a fun flare, tiles provide a beautiful accent to the classic white kitchen or bathroom.

With so many options though it may be hard to decide which route is the best for you. To make sure you choose the tile that is perfect for your living space, schedule an appointment with Lowcountry Tile Contractors, Inc. to tour their extensive show room and get an expert’s input. Locally owned and operated, they offer natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile, as well as decorative mosaic options for you to choose from. With their help, you can find the tiles that will add an extra touch to your kitchen and bathroom.

When thrown the phrase “southern living” many cannot help but conjure images of rocking chairs placed along porches as homeowners sit peacefully sipping on sweet tea. Yet this traditional picture is but one scenario when it comes to outdoor living in the 21st century. One of the great advantages of living in the Charleston area is the year-round weather, specifically the climate, which even in winter months only dips to around 60 degrees. These averages are what encourage homeowners to adopt outdoor living spaces. But how amazing would if be to bring a bit of the indoors outside?

Mt. Pleasant’s AV Lifestyles, a custom provider of media and audio technology, allows homeowners to make the most of their outdoor living areas by providing the opportunity to install state-of-the-art entertainment centers. The systems provide a modern and unique way to entertain. The entertainment systems allow homeowners to tap into streaming and audio devices and apps, such as Pandora or Spotify so that the mood is perfectly set for any event. The best part is, AV Lifestyles caters individually to the homeowners’ preferences and will build any system to the homeowner’s likings while still making these specifications financially realistic. Through AV Lifestyles, the traditional porch or deck setting can boast a unique flare, by becoming accessible as well as entertaining all year round.

The world of slipcovers is changing! Baggy slipcovers are a thing of the past, at GDC Home you will find slipovers from Lee Industries that are so much more tailored than they used to be. Slipcovers make it possible to revamp and update your home for far less than it costs to purchase a new piece when redecorating. These sleek fabrics are machine cut to ensure they fit each piece perfectly and in some cases the fabric is pre-washed. Slipcover styles can be made to fit almost any piece of upholstered furniture you could ever need. Whether it be a wing back chair, like the one pictured here, a sectional sofa, an ottoman, sleeper sofa, benches, or even headboards. These versatile slipcovers are great for families with kids or pets as they don’t require a cleaning crew or expensive treatments to get dirt or stains out, use an outdoor fabric and your upholstery becomes almost completely kid and pet proof. Slipcovers come in so many different colors and textures that are tailored to fit both modern and classic frames. Heavier linen or woven fabrics such as the one featured on the sectional pictured here, tend to give a more tailored look, where as a thinner cotton fabric will give a more relaxed beachy look. Lee Industries saves the patterns on every frame they make, even on discontinued frames, so you can purchase a replacement slipcover years after your original purchase without the investment of a whole new piece of furniture. If these pieces could have a place in your home make sure to get over to GDC between now and March 31st when all of their upholstery, in stock, special order and clearance is 20% off. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get exactly what you need for your home!