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Julianne Taylor has always had a passion for design. She earned her B.F.A in Interior Design from the University of Georgia and is the founder of Taylor Burke Home. After years of living abroad, Julianne and her family settled in the Lowcountry and she designed a home that is full of bright colors and bold patterns. I chatted with Julianne about how she worked to create a cohesive space with unique touches, and without fear of being adventurous in her design. 

1. It’s clear in your home that you are not afraid of bold colors and pops of fun patterns. Was that always the case? How did you get to that point if not? 

I’ve always been pretty brave with color, and it really comes from a place of personal preference. I truly believe that we have to surround ourselves with what makes us happy. 

Your personal space is where you start and end the day– and think of it sort of like a sandwich. It’s like the buns, and it really sets the tone for all of daily life that happens in the middle. 

2. What was your design process like for this home? Did you have ideas for each room beforehand or did you get in the space and let it guide you?  

We built our house as part of a Pulte planned community, and we moved in December 2014. The first thing I did before anything else was to put up our tree. The neighbors thought I was crazy! But– I wanted something in the house to be bright and cheery for the kids amidst all of the moving boxes. Most people don’t know that we lived overseas for ten years prior to moving to the States, and I had loads of artwork and accessories from our travels and life in Melbourne, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Seoul. I really had to live in our home for a good 1-2 years before tackling it room by room. I’m the kind of person that approaches design in an unexpected way. Each room in the house is different, but yet cohesive in the creativity of the individual spaces. 

Along with me– many of my colleagues have “cobblers shoes” syndrome in that we can design all day for our clients, but we always have unfinished projects at home. It really took me about 2-3 years to finish our home, and during this time I launched several licensed collections of wallpaper with Mitchell Black ( ). Several of my wallpaper designs determined the overall design for some of the spaces in the house. I’m a huge fan of putting wallpaper on the ceiling, and it was certainly the jumping off point for the design of our morning room and dining room.

3. How did you use your love of bright colors and patterns to create a home that was not only your style, but also functional for your family?  

I tease my husband that when we got married his favorite colors were brown and dark brown. And– it was his idea to paint our family room a bright coral color! Design can be so subliminal– over the years my design choices in every country we’ve lived in involved color and it’s influenced him. It makes him happy– and I think you can evolve in your taste and feeling about your surroundings by the way it makes you feel. It can be a very subconscious thing. In our current home it was really important to live in our space to see how we were going to use it before determining the design. For one thing our morning room was actually built to be the breakfast area in the home, but we really wanted to use it as a space that could be an open TV/lounge area to enjoy while we cook. By breaking the rules it’s now become our favorite place in the house!

4. Why was it so important to you to use bold patterns and colors in your design? Did it scare you at first?  

Bold color and a fun pattern mix match my personality. I like a space to look unexpected, but purposeful and people know as soon as they walk in that JuJu lives here. My husband and I have a saying, “Don’t let life hold you hostage”.  And– we feel that way about design choices as well. The first green we selected for our dining room looked great in the day, but then turned into a horrible neon green at night. It had to go! We marched right back to Sherwin-Williams the next day and repainted the dining room in the now Kilkenny color that we absolutely love. Wallpaper is a different story, but I always tell my clients “Don’t let painting a room hold you hostage. If you hate it– 40 bucks will change it right back or to something else you love more. Really. Isn’t a beautiful space worth 40 bucks?”

As far as pattern mixing– there is an art to that. But anyone can make this work. The most successful designs to me are when you can use a variation in pattern type and scale.For example, I typically wouldn’t use small stripes of different colorways in the same room. But– I might select a small stripe with a large check pattern in the same space.

5. What advice do you have for decorating with a bold style? 

I always advise to take a risk. Sometimes the greatest beauty comes from trying something new, and I highly recommend spending some time dreaming about your perfect space. I always say, “It costs nothing to dream and everything not to.”

Photography by Tomas Espinoza for HGTV

As the world adjusts to a new normal and large gatherings are being adjusted, many couples are opting to get married at home in order to keep everyone safe. We sit down with the owner of Host and Haven, Lindsey Boyce to chat about planning for a wedding at home, how to incorporate home decor into wedding decor, and what advice she has for brides who still want to get married on their original date and celebrate with friends and family later on.

Tell us a little bit about Host and Haven. What do you do? Why did you start the company? 

Host & Haven is a full-service firm focused on sophisticated yet approachable event and home design. Our typical projects include high end weddings and events and residential interiors. I started the company in 2019 after 12 years in the event design business. After multiple clients came to me requesting help in their home, I saw an opportunity to speak to both markets. For me, the design process is the same. You are getting to know clients and their tastes and helping to create a space that reflects that in the best way possible. Our goal is to create beautiful moments and tailored spaces with equal emphasis on client distinctiveness and design dexterity.

During these uncertain times, many brides are having to cancel or postpone their weddings. How has your business changed as more and more brides are doing backyard ceremonies and then planning the party for later? 

With the current climate, brides really have three options; Move the entire wedding to the following year, get married on the original date with just family and then a more relaxed reception at a later date, or choose to redirect the mindset to a more intimate gathering. I think the most important step for current brides is to evaluate what’s best for them. If the stress of waiting to see what will happen takes joy out of the process, then move the date. If the current situation has changed the mindset on what you are really looking for on the day of, then reduce the guest count. 

Most of my business has stayed the same with a few exceptions. I have, however, had a few new clients come on board with more intimate guest counts and design heavy goals. 

While the initial thought might have been a fete for your closest 200 family and friends, a tasteful gathering of 25 could be just as beautiful. If we have learned anything from this time, it’s that family and close friends are what really matters. Having a few less guests will not affect you saying “I do”, cutting the cake, or having your first dance. It might just positively change the feeling from large and stressful to manageable and intimate. It could also allow for more spending power on the close-up details with a more refined guest count. 

How can brides incorporate their home design into their backyard wedding design? 

If you elect to redirect to a smaller wedding, you can splurge on more custom details. Be intentional on what these new details will look like for you now that you can explore more manageable numbers. For example, these Schumacher Lotus Garden horizontal runners. They can be repurposed in your home for holidays or have them cut down and reworked as place mats or napkins Think about connecting the vision for your wedding with the vision of your home. I firmly believe in designing all of your spaces (event & home) with a signature style and your personal brand. If you don’t have that established yet, take this time to explore.   

You have most likely already received most of your china registry, so complete the setting and utilize at the future reception/at home wedding for all guest or a head table. This Juliska Country Estate plate in flint pairs perfectly with so many color palettes. 

Take the extra time to create a curated welcome gift boxes for each individual guest. You can fill the gift with a specific theme like this breakfast box filled with tea, honey, and scones. The individual moment also presents an opportunity for a handwritten thank you from you and your betrothed. Have these hand delivered on the week of the event or created by our friends at A Signature Welcome.  

What are some of the things that brides can be planning from home during this time? 

In your spare time, go ahead and create your custom stationery and cross that off the list. You have most likely already engaged a designer with your paper needs, so transition that design time into a monogram, custom crest, or emblem.  In this example it could be the wallpaper inspired graphic or simplistic bird motif. 

Explain your home services. How do you work to combine home design, wedding design, and styling? 

Host & Haven begins all projects by interpreting a client’s personal story and helping to reveal beautiful, intentional design. My job is to give a client a space (home or event) that reflects the very best version of themselves. The home design process starts with an initial meeting and we discuss the overall project. We do a deep dive into the goals of the space and its function as well as what can become beautiful finishing touches. We almost always showcase a full home design at the beginning even if we go one room at a time, so we have the right upfront goals in mind. Sometimes this exercise can also open up what we really need versus what we thought they wanted. 

Regardless of the service a client comes to me for, we all know it has to have meaning. The meaning behind the design is just as important as aesthetic. 

What are your favorite trends in home design and home weddings? 

I am really loving a return to classic. I think tasteful long-lasting details are the way to go.  It can be tempting to lean towards what’s available in the mass market, but try to get pieces and elements that will stand up for the next 10 years in your home or your wedding album. It’s a bigger investment on the front end, but less likely to need a refresh 10 years from now. 

What advice do you have for brides who have changed their plans and are now holding a wedding at home? 

At the core, the purpose of the wedding is ultimately to become husband and wife. Remind yourself that the underlying goal will be accomplished with two people, twenty, or two hundred. Keep a positive perspective and explore the potential of this reimagined day. 

Wedding photography by Sarah Ingram Photography. Lindsey’s portrait by Rachel Red Photography.

For more information, call Host & Haven at (214) 458-3012 or visit

When Charleston was ordered to shut down in March we entered a world of uncertainty. In the 2+ months since, our community has come together to support one another. One business that has done such is Mitchell Hill. Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill opened the doors to Mitchell Hill Charleston earlier this year. Like many local shops downtown, about 50 percent of their business came from walk-ins, so when they had to close their doors, they needed to come up with another way to bring the showroom and gallery experience to their customers. 

Owners of Mitchell Hill, Tyler Hill and Michael Mitchell.

Initially, the team hosted virtual Facebook tours or did virtual appointments via FaceTime or Zoom. This helped create a customizable one-on-one experience for each person. When Michael and Tyler saw the impact that the phone calls were having on the community, they wanted to have these business conversations amongst other members of the Charleston community to offer guidance, insight, and solutions. They wanted to offer a platform for local businesses to tell others how to help. Mitchell Hill started their Instagram live series on April 2nd. 

Their Instagram live series features interviews with interior designers, local business owners, and local non-profit organizations. These interviews are used to check-in with fellow members of the community while also offering advice on marketing, business programs, content creation, sales, social media, and more. The platform is a way for the interviewees to share special sales, what philanthropic ventures they’re involved in, and how to stay safe. Some of the people the Mitchell Hill team have interviewed include Olivia Brock of Torrance Mitchell and Margot Shaw of Flower Magazine. As they continue this series, they plan to also interview people from Croghan’s Jewelry Box and The Gibbes Museum. Artists whose work is carried in Mitchell Hill have also been taking over the MH Instagram. The takeovers bring MH followers into the artist’s studios to learn about their process, how they’ve been doing, and more. Through these takeovers, artists have been able to continue selling their pieces. 

This network has connected local people and allowed them to share their struggles, their successes, and their narratives regarding what’s next. Mitchell Hill hopes to continue fostering these relationships as the community continues to navigate through the unknown. Mitchell Hill is part of the Explore Charleston community along with the Charleston Gallery Association. Visit their instagram to see the live videos.

For more information, call Mitchell Hill at (843) 564-0034 or visit

The Dewberry hotel has launched a product line so their guests can bring the hotel experience back home. The collection features five items ranging from artwork to tea.

The Dewberry Charleston’s “LOVE” Print
Taken at dawn on April 2, 2020, this print displays the exterior of The Dewberry Charleston emblazoned with the word LOVE to serve as a message of positivity for the Charleston community. After many requests to purchase the print made directly with the hotel team, The Dewberry is now retailing the print on its newly launched website with proceeds directly benefiting Pay It Forward Charleston and the Southern Eagle Distributing Hospitality Workers Fund. Photo Credit: Andrew Cebulka
Price: $350

The Dewberry Signature Candle
The Dewberry’s signature scent is inspired by the South’s native Dewberry plant and is a blench of Virginia Cedar, Bulgarian Rose, and French Myrrh with accented notes of Tobacco, Black Pepper, Cardamom, and a delicate Sandalwood finish. The fragrance has notes of full-bodied berries, coastal botanicals and woodsy spice to create an aura of warmth and relaxation. Currently, the scent is used in the in-room bath amenities (lotion, shampoo, conditioner) as well as retailed through the hotel as a candle and lotion.
Price: $45

Dewberry Playing Cards
Enjoy the Dewberry’s traditional 52-card deck, which features a unique graphic depiction of the hotel’s front facade – the renovated former L. Mendel Rivers federal building.
Price: $8

The Dewberry Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Served as the hotel’s signature welcome beverage upon check-in, the signature tea blend is caffeine-free and can be served hot or cold. The tea is a bright, organic blend of earthy undertones perfectly balanced with sweet, juicy berries, hibiscus, and rose hips.
Price: $20

The Dewberry Robe
Made exclusively for The Dewberry by Liddell Ireland, the luxurious bathrobe of 100% Turkish Cotton. The robe is crisp white with a signature grey trim.
Price: $90

For more information visit

Pilot, mother, wife, entrepreneur, home designer, Harvard graduate student (she finishes her masters degree in journalism this month), and our spring cover Paula Rallis manages it all. The Charleston Home + Design team spent time with Paula discussing all things design, travel, books, restaurants, and more. You’ve gotten to know Paula in the magazine. Now you’ll get an inside look into some of the design maven’s favorite things to do and places to go both in Charleston and around the world.

Favorite Coffee Shop
Vintage. I LOVE their lavender oat milk latte.

Favorite Color to Decorate With
Orange is specific to this house, but I would have to say black. I’m not afraid of black.

Must-Do Weekend Activities
Eat, paddle board, surf, More eating…

Top 5 Restaurants
Obstinate Daughter – my boy Frank is great.
167 Raw – I need a lobster roll in my life.
Chez Nous – for the French food and coziness.
Melfi’s – best pizza…ever. I’ve tested this with multiple people.
Trattoria Luca

Favorite Movie
Stepmom, very random but it is my absolute favorite, without a doubt.

Last Book You Read
Bringing Up Le Bebe which is a French parenting book about why French kids don’t throw their food and behave badly (laughs).

Top 5 Travel Destinations
Los Catalinas, Costa Rica
Hossegor, France
Montauk, New York
Laguna Beach, California
Santorini, Greece

Favorite Water Activity
Paddle boarding in Charleston is the best.

One Thing You Can’t Leave the House Without
My sunglasses.

Something People Don’t Know About You
I need a lot of alone time. I need to process thoughts and everything.

Summer is upon us and it’s time to show a little love for your outdoor furniture. With a new season comes new trends. A conversational atmosphere can be created by placing your outdoor furniture closer together in order to cultivate a more intimate setting. Mixing different materials such as wood and steel will showcase a more eclectic design.  Opting for a classic look with wicker or rattan furniture allows you to be creative with decor and add in bright pops of color and fun patterns to stand out amongst the matching set. If you are unsure where to start with your outdoor space, start by bringing the inside out and take cues from the dècor on the interior. Although there are many routes you can take when selecting your outdoor furniture, one thing you should always remember is that durability is a must. If you are unsure where to find durable outdoor furniture head to Backyard Retreats to check out their vast selection. 

For more information, call Backyard Retreats at (843) 856-0049 or visit 

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