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For their first home together, Emily and Matt bought this home with their love for entertaining in mind. The duo worked with Polished Renovations & Design (PRD) to reimagine their kitchen so that it would work well for their get togethers. They knew they needed a big space to entertain friends and family so walls were knocked down to create that extra area they needed. 

Emily owns a mobile boutique called Trailer Fash with a funky and eclectic style. According to owner and lead designer at PRD Katelyn Irizarry, they wanted to portray that same style in the spaces they were designing. Emily and Matt’s must-have centerpiece was the Big Chill Classic fridge in a custom light pink color. Katelyn designed the kitchen around this piece. 

Green tile, sourced through Triton Stone Group, stood out to Emily and Matt so selecting that was a no brainer. They also chose black leathered granite countertops with flecks of metallic gold. In addition to the statement surfaces selected, the pair wanted some natural wood accents so PRD created a custom island top out of butcher block and matching floating shelves to flank the range hood. 

Using the old sink location under the window, the PRD team created a prep sink and bar section with a hammered gold sink and black Delta Trinsic faucets with touch technology for easy clean up after cooking. An ice machine and pull out shelving was added to either side of the sink. Café appliances with custom brushed copper hardware finishes and fun hanging chair in the bay window top of the design. 

For more information, call Polished Renovations & Design at (843) 475-8856 or visit

The 2020 Charleston Symphony League Designer Showhouse never opened to the public but we got never-before-seen access to the historic downtown dwelling. Originally built as the Fitch-Rivers House circa 1883, the classic Charleston single is nestled in the Radcliffeborough neighborhood. 

The property was owned by the Lucas family who built the West Point Rice Mill prior to selling the land to Augustus Fitch, a clerk and bookkeeper for WP Holmes and Company. He sold the home to John Rivers, a prominent cotton merchant and President of the Charleston Cotton Exchange. Later on in the 20th century, the home was used as a bed and breakfast. Later this year, the home will serve the same purpose and open as a b&b again – the Bee & Blossom. 

Over the years, the home has maintained its combination of Charleston and Queen Anne Victorian style that was popular when it was built. A two-story bay window, French doors, and historic mantels are just a few of the stunning interior and exterior details that pay homage to the home’s history. 

The 13 designers that participated in this year’s showhouse worked to create spaces that were unique but also honored the historical touches seen throughout the home. Though each space was designed by a different individual, the home still has a cohesive feel. Take a virtual tour of the home as we get into the function of each space and how that might have changed over the years. 

Photo by Anne Rhett

The Garden
Designed by Linda Greenberg Landscape & Design
Often hidden spaces tucked away in the back, the gardens in old Charleston homes are world famous. These hidden gems are spaces that the owners carefully designed with wispy plants and colorful flora. Over the years, Charleston gardens have drawn visitors and locals alike downtown to appreciate the beauty. The gardens also often served as a place to enjoy afternoon tea or read outside. 

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Foyer
Designed by Alexandre Fleuren Interiors
A formal entry to the home, the foyer served as the space where guests were welcomed into the home. The spaces were, and still are, often long hallways with ample room to accessorize and show guests to the various other rooms where they would be entertained throughout the evening. 

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Dining Room
Designed by Domain Interiors by Bobbi Jo Engelby
Much like its function today, the dining room was a formal entertaining space where guests and the family would enjoy meals together. While more relaxed in 2020, the dining room still serves as a space where families gather for special occasions. 

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Petit Salon
Designed by Lauren Messina Interior Design
Petit salon translates to front room in French. The salons in old homes were more often than not the women’s parlors where they would chat and exchange ideas. The space is used for both fun and entertaining conversations as well as more serious discussions.

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Kitchen
Designed by Delicious Kitchens & Interiors
Kitchens in old Charleston homes were often much smaller spaces than we’re used to today. They were also typically tucked in the back of the home. Placing the kitchen in the back allowed guests to come in and enjoy the living spaces and go to the back when they needed something.

Photo by Kim Graham

The Music Salon
Designed by AllysonK Designs
In yesteryear, the music salon was a space that acted as a reception area for visitors. During the 19th century, the salon was not only the room where people would gather to listen to music but also a space where they could educate each other through meaningful conversation. 

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Lounge
Designed by deVlaming Design
Typically a more formal sitting room, the lounge is another room where people gather and converse. Separate lounges or sitting rooms existed for men and women during the 19th and 20th centuries, as the men and women would discuss different topics. The lounge was often decked out in comfortable furniture where the men would sit for long hours and enjoy a drink and a cigar.

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Reading Room
Designed by Sandra Ericksen Design
The function of the reading room was to provide a private space to enlighten people who couldn’t read. This was an educational space meant to help others expand their horizons and open their minds on what was going on in the world around them.

Photo by Chris and Cami

The 3rd Floor Living Room
Designed by Designapple Home
Likely used as an attic space years prior, the 3rd floor is now an additional living space built using roof trusses and framed with rafters. The once storage room will now be functional space when the new bed and breakfast opens.

Photo by Patrick Brickman

The Garden Bedroom
Designed by Juxtaposition Home & Garden
Bedrooms in old Charleston homes often featured fireplaces since that was the only way to heat the room before electricity. Still serving that purpose today, fireplaces maintain the home’s history and add a unique touch that isn’t always seen in new builds.

Photo by Kim Graham

The Back Stairwell
Designed by Emily M. Wood Interiors
In old homes, the back stairwell was most commonly used for staff members so they would stay out of sight during gatherings. This stairwell will likely serve a similar purpose when the home opens as a bed and breakfast later this year.

Photo by Anne Rhett

The Piazza
Designed by Alexandra Howard Inc.
Translated from Italian, piazza means open space. The outdoor area common in Charleston single style homes, runs the length of the side of the home and is a space that was, and still is, used to help capture a cross breeze during hot summer months.

Photo by Susan Sully

For more information about the home, the designs, and how to support the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League, visit

A belief that the basic safety of children is paramount, and that children need to be both seen and heard, led the CHD Interiors team to their partnership with Children’s Recovery Center. Lance and Patty Griffith discovered their passion for the facility when one of their daughters began serving on the board. CRC is a non-profit organization supporting the needs of children and families in crisis situation. Every child who enters the CRC facility is referred to the team through DSS and law enforcement. The organization depends on donations and grants to maintain their efforts, and that’s where CHD Interiors comes in.

Over the years, the CHD team has decorated the CRC office and reception space, participated in their annual 5K and silent auction, and made donations to continue supporting the work that CRC does. Donations made to CRC support funds for forensic testing and medical supplies needed for them to complete the children’s screenings. Lance and Patty recall a song released in 1971 that encapsulated what it means to be a young child without a voice. “Bless the beasts and the children, they have no voice, they have no choice,” the lyrics say. CHD is driven to help CRC be the voice and alter choice as long as they are able.

In addition to their support of CRC, the CHD Interiors team also works with Miss Ruby’s Kids, Next Step Pediatrics, Hope Town Fire & Rescue, Smith Medical Clinic, and the Special Olympics.

For more information on the local organizations that CHD Interiors supports, call (843) 571-2446.

Both the Mt. Pleasant and Murrells Inlet teams work to help these organizations.

More and more homeowners are itching to get outside and enjoy their backyard patios as we enter the summer months. Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the Lowcountry where dining outdoors stays popular year-round. Through companies like Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens, the backyard becomes more than a patio but rather a living space, with unique grill and fireplace designs that can tie together the entire area. One of the best ways to customize the patio dining space is by installing a grill set with a pop of color, either in the cabinetry or woodwork. By using vibrant whites or pastels, you can revamp the space to have a more bohemian, beachy vibe or modern accent to complement your dining set. The team at Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens offers grills, outdoor ovens, cabinets and other appliances to accent any and all patio spaces. 

For more information call Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens call (843) 216-0006 or visit

Never before seen photos from our Express Sunrooms Project File featured in our Fall 2019 issue.

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Photography by Callie Cranford

Never before seen photos from the Southeast Kitchens Project File featured in our Fall 2019 issue.

Cabinetry: Southeast Kitchens
Builder: Salt Marsh Contracting ⁣⁣
Architect: Senst Architecture⁣⁣
Designer: Onyx Design Collaborative

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Photography by Patrick Brickman

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 Photography by Patrick Brickman

When decorating any room, lighting is key. Choosing the perfect light fixture will not only add an extra wow factor, but it will also help in creating a cohesive design throughout the space.

The lighting options that can be found at Candelabra stay on-trend and give homeowners a plethora of options to choose from, such as more modern styles or classic fixtures. The best lighting can also help make a room feel bigger. Opting for a pendant light in a room with a high ceiling elongates the room making the ceilings seem even higher. If you are looking for a way to add more dimension to a space, selecting a light fixture with curved lines or a fun shape will do just that and stand out as the main focus of the room. Needing to add some structure to your room? Go for a pendant or chandelier with cleaner, straighter lines cultivating a more simplistic style. 

         If you are unsure which light fixture is best for your home, take advantage of the style consultations that Candelabra’s helpful staff provides! With an award-winning showroom and friendly staff, you will be sure to find the right light for you. 

For more information about Candelabra call (843) 849-7775 or visit 

Never seen before photos from Melcer Tile’s Project File featured in our Fall 2019 issue.

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Photography by Listings in Motion

When and how did Island House Real Estate get its start?  

I opened Island House in December 2018. I wanted to create a boutique agency that focuses on customer service, one-on-one attention and a team that has fun working together.  

What set Island House Real Estate apart from other real estate companies?

We are a boutique agency that works as a team.  We all have our specialties and bringing them together makes all of us better at what we do.  We have years of experience in many different aspects of real estate including marketing, interior design, new construction, relocation, remodeling, and investments.  Prior to real estate, I was a Physical Therapist for several years.  Real Estate is very similar to PT, it is about helping people.

What’s your favorite part of working and living in Charleston?

I love the architecture and the small-town feel of downtown with the beautiful homes, the streets and window boxes. I still am in awe every time I approach a bridge and get a glimpse of the beautiful water.  Being from Pennsylvania, my favorite part of Charleston is having blue skies almost every day! 

What advice do you have for someone in the market to buy a home?

Do your research and meet with agents, find an agent that you believe has your best interests at heart.  Real Estate allowed me to pay off my student loans and buy our first house in Charleston years ago so I know first hand how important the investment aspect of making a sound decision is.   

Lastly, is there anything else you would like people to know about Island House Real Estate?  

We work closely with a network of contractors, interior designers and other trades to help clients have a more seamless experience.  From getting the house ready to sell to complete repairs, our clients are taken care of with our wonderful partners.   Real estate is so much more than a transaction, it extends years and years before and after a closing.  We are often the people our client’s call when they need drapes made, lawns cut or dogs walked.