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Are you tired of the ongoing battle with the notoriously high maintenance hardwood floor? Does it seem as though the floor of your dreams came from a nightmare instead? Enter the wood-like tile floor – the meticulously detailed ceramic tiles that are taking the design world by storm. These tiles are durable, sustainable, customizable, and best of all, cost effective, making them a fantastic option for flooring.

Where conventional hardwood floors chip, warp, fade, and scratch over time, the tile floors are easy to clean and maintain. If damage does occur, the tiles can simply be taken up individually, avoiding the mess of taking up the entire floor. Another benefit is the reduction on the amount of trees cut down per year. Some 20 million trees are cut per year, but not a single one is used with a tile floor. In addition, tile floors can last several decades, reducing costs and the amount of trees cut down. Since it comes in so many sizes, colors, and widths, tile is very customizable, allowing homeowners to tailor their floor to their needs and tastes. Floor Coverings International, located in Charleston, is an excellent place to find a variety of styles for any space and taste. Tile is also cost effective. Although they cost roughly the same as wood planks, the tiles are not so labor intensive and do not require the full-on resurfacing, refinishing, and resealing that conventional wood floors do.

Since wood-like tiles are incredibly detailed, only close examination will reveal that they are not real wood planks. This allows homeowners to have an expensive and exotic-looking floor without an exorbitant price tag.

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Created by Rayleigh Deaton

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Daniel Island homeowners, Andrea and Jonathan Dussault, called on Carolina Flooring Specialists to lay the foundation of their dream garage.

Homeowners often focus so much on the interior of their homes without realizing that they also need to budget for another extremely important room—the garage. Not only does the garage store the family car, it protects all of those essential holiday décor pieces, keeps the kids’ bikes and Dad’s tools dry, and can even provide extra reinforcement for the home during scary storms.

These are only a fraction of the reasons why the Dussaults called on Tim Worley of Carolina Flooring Specialists to help them create the perfect garage for their family’s needs. “My son and I do a lot of woodworking together,” says Jonathan, “We’re going to use it primarily as a workshop to do all those projects that Andrea throws our way.”

Daniel and Manuel Parham (the brothers who own Carolina Flooring Specialists) and Tim’s combined years of experience shone through the methodical process of installing their showroom-level, industrial-grade garage floors. “Our first step,” Tim explains, “was to meet with Jonathan and Andrea to provide a free estimate. From there, the prep work starts. We make sure every crack, cranny, and bump is leveled out or filled to create an ideal surface for the new flooring.” Whether a garage floor is brand new or original to an older home, Carolina Flooring Specialists’ team prepares the floor by smoothing it with a thorough diamond-grinding process.

Once the epoxy mixture was applied on the Dussault’s cement floor, the decorative flakes are added. The new epoxy floor needs to set overnight. On the second day, the team returns to sand the floor (by hand) and apply the protective seal. After the seal dries for another night, the floor is ready for the car to be parked in the garage. Not only is the Dussault’s new garage floor resilient and stain-free, it’s also exceptionally low-maintenance. “We wanted to do this to our old garage in Connecticut for years,” Andrea states. An excited Jonathan adds, “It just makes the garage sparkle and I can’t wait to start a new woodworking project in it with our son.”

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