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For their first home together, Emily and Matt bought this home with their love for entertaining in mind. The duo worked with Polished Renovations & Design (PRD) to reimagine their kitchen so that it would work well for their get togethers. They knew they needed a big space to entertain friends and family so walls were knocked down to create that extra area they needed. 

Emily owns a mobile boutique called Trailer Fash with a funky and eclectic style. According to owner and lead designer at PRD Katelyn Irizarry, they wanted to portray that same style in the spaces they were designing. Emily and Matt’s must-have centerpiece was the Big Chill Classic fridge in a custom light pink color. Katelyn designed the kitchen around this piece. 

Green tile, sourced through Triton Stone Group, stood out to Emily and Matt so selecting that was a no brainer. They also chose black leathered granite countertops with flecks of metallic gold. In addition to the statement surfaces selected, the pair wanted some natural wood accents so PRD created a custom island top out of butcher block and matching floating shelves to flank the range hood. 

Using the old sink location under the window, the PRD team created a prep sink and bar section with a hammered gold sink and black Delta Trinsic faucets with touch technology for easy clean up after cooking. An ice machine and pull out shelving was added to either side of the sink. Café appliances with custom brushed copper hardware finishes and fun hanging chair in the bay window top of the design. 

For more information, call Polished Renovations & Design at (843) 475-8856 or visit

As the world adjusts to a new normal and large gatherings are being adjusted, many couples are opting to get married at home in order to keep everyone safe. We sit down with the owner of Host and Haven, Lindsey Boyce to chat about planning for a wedding at home, how to incorporate home decor into wedding decor, and what advice she has for brides who still want to get married on their original date and celebrate with friends and family later on.

Tell us a little bit about Host and Haven. What do you do? Why did you start the company? 

Host & Haven is a full-service firm focused on sophisticated yet approachable event and home design. Our typical projects include high end weddings and events and residential interiors. I started the company in 2019 after 12 years in the event design business. After multiple clients came to me requesting help in their home, I saw an opportunity to speak to both markets. For me, the design process is the same. You are getting to know clients and their tastes and helping to create a space that reflects that in the best way possible. Our goal is to create beautiful moments and tailored spaces with equal emphasis on client distinctiveness and design dexterity.

During these uncertain times, many brides are having to cancel or postpone their weddings. How has your business changed as more and more brides are doing backyard ceremonies and then planning the party for later? 

With the current climate, brides really have three options; Move the entire wedding to the following year, get married on the original date with just family and then a more relaxed reception at a later date, or choose to redirect the mindset to a more intimate gathering. I think the most important step for current brides is to evaluate what’s best for them. If the stress of waiting to see what will happen takes joy out of the process, then move the date. If the current situation has changed the mindset on what you are really looking for on the day of, then reduce the guest count. 

Most of my business has stayed the same with a few exceptions. I have, however, had a few new clients come on board with more intimate guest counts and design heavy goals. 

While the initial thought might have been a fete for your closest 200 family and friends, a tasteful gathering of 25 could be just as beautiful. If we have learned anything from this time, it’s that family and close friends are what really matters. Having a few less guests will not affect you saying “I do”, cutting the cake, or having your first dance. It might just positively change the feeling from large and stressful to manageable and intimate. It could also allow for more spending power on the close-up details with a more refined guest count. 

How can brides incorporate their home design into their backyard wedding design? 

If you elect to redirect to a smaller wedding, you can splurge on more custom details. Be intentional on what these new details will look like for you now that you can explore more manageable numbers. For example, these Schumacher Lotus Garden horizontal runners. They can be repurposed in your home for holidays or have them cut down and reworked as place mats or napkins Think about connecting the vision for your wedding with the vision of your home. I firmly believe in designing all of your spaces (event & home) with a signature style and your personal brand. If you don’t have that established yet, take this time to explore.   

You have most likely already received most of your china registry, so complete the setting and utilize at the future reception/at home wedding for all guest or a head table. This Juliska Country Estate plate in flint pairs perfectly with so many color palettes. 

Take the extra time to create a curated welcome gift boxes for each individual guest. You can fill the gift with a specific theme like this breakfast box filled with tea, honey, and scones. The individual moment also presents an opportunity for a handwritten thank you from you and your betrothed. Have these hand delivered on the week of the event or created by our friends at A Signature Welcome.  

What are some of the things that brides can be planning from home during this time? 

In your spare time, go ahead and create your custom stationery and cross that off the list. You have most likely already engaged a designer with your paper needs, so transition that design time into a monogram, custom crest, or emblem.  In this example it could be the wallpaper inspired graphic or simplistic bird motif. 

Explain your home services. How do you work to combine home design, wedding design, and styling? 

Host & Haven begins all projects by interpreting a client’s personal story and helping to reveal beautiful, intentional design. My job is to give a client a space (home or event) that reflects the very best version of themselves. The home design process starts with an initial meeting and we discuss the overall project. We do a deep dive into the goals of the space and its function as well as what can become beautiful finishing touches. We almost always showcase a full home design at the beginning even if we go one room at a time, so we have the right upfront goals in mind. Sometimes this exercise can also open up what we really need versus what we thought they wanted. 

Regardless of the service a client comes to me for, we all know it has to have meaning. The meaning behind the design is just as important as aesthetic. 

What are your favorite trends in home design and home weddings? 

I am really loving a return to classic. I think tasteful long-lasting details are the way to go.  It can be tempting to lean towards what’s available in the mass market, but try to get pieces and elements that will stand up for the next 10 years in your home or your wedding album. It’s a bigger investment on the front end, but less likely to need a refresh 10 years from now. 

What advice do you have for brides who have changed their plans and are now holding a wedding at home? 

At the core, the purpose of the wedding is ultimately to become husband and wife. Remind yourself that the underlying goal will be accomplished with two people, twenty, or two hundred. Keep a positive perspective and explore the potential of this reimagined day. 

Wedding photography by Sarah Ingram Photography. Lindsey’s portrait by Rachel Red Photography.

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unspecified-3Free designer consultations are back! Back by popular demand, you will able to schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our many talented interior design clients and associates. Feel free to bring in pictures, fabric swatches, plans, Pinterest boards, and any other materials (that you can reasonably carry) with you to the appointment.

At our home show design consultations, our talented volunteers are industry experts whose job requires them to be up on the latest design trends. This expertise combined with their access to local resources make the design process run as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to work with a plumber, contractor, or furniture dealer, these designers have cultivated relationships in the community that often result in deals not available to the general public. Designer know-how can benefit your home in almost every way, from small details like electric outlet placement to improving the overall value of the house.

Not sure whether this might help you? Check out our website On this one site you will see profiles of our amazing interior design clients and have the opportunity to explore some of their past projects.

Whether you’re just thinking of a project or if you’re elbows deep in fabric samples, let our professional friends help with your project by calling and setting up an appointment at the home show. The designers are happy to offer advice on anything from carpet color to ceiling moulding and everything in-between. Call our office at (843) 577-7652, to schedule an appointment during our home show. We will be at the beautiful Gaillard Center again and will have openings all three–January 27th through the 29th. Walk-in appointments will also be available on a first-come-first-served basis during the event.

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Created by: Shelby Davis


When Laura Schonholz began designing her home with her daughter Johanna, they both wanted to find a way to use products and design elements that would blend in their aesthetics with the traditions of Charleston.

Bringing in the “new” can be tricky—especially when the “old” is as cherished as it is in a place like Charleston. Architect and homeowner Laura Schonholz, with the help of her daughter Johanna Sztokman and companies like Nichiha, brought in new looks to a stunning Lowcountry setting in a way that still honors and highlights the style traditions of this area.

“We fell in love with Charleston as soon as we saw it,” gushes Laura as she explains how her husband’s position at MUSC brought her family to the Lowcountry from Argentina 12 years ago. “When settling in here, we wanted to have a contemporary house that took advantage of our location and maximized our view of downtown Charleston.” Laura set out to design a home that met all of the Charleston Board of Architectural Review guidelines and still stayed true to her personal design style that she describes as a mixture of contemporary, minimalistic, and eclectic. To achieve this aesthetic, she worked diligently with her daughter to find all of the right contractors, vendors, and materials.

Nichiha fiber cement paneling was one such product that worked well for Laura and Johanna’s design style, both inside and outside of the home. Buck Lumber supplied Nichiha’s Empire Block product on the exterior of the house as well as on the floor-to-ceiling custom fireplace. “We make both residential and commercial products,” explains Brandon Tart, Territory Manager of Nichiha. “You can choose one of our products to have the look of lap siding or board and batten, or you can select our commercial panels that also can be used in modern single-family homes or commercial buildings.”

“I was trying to think of a non-conventional material, and after investigating Nichiha, I thought it was perfect,” Laura adds. “Also, we really wanted to interconnect the exterior and interior of the home and the look of this gray material was ideal.”

Nichiha’s product was a way of incorporating the modern material into a more traditional form. It’s a very modern product, so we tried to create a house shape that would resemble a Charleston single,”
Johanna includes.

Throughout the home, the mixture of contemporary and traditional can be seen. Laura used hardwood flooring, but instead of ending the flooring at the baseboard, she continued the flooring all the way up the wall in some of the rooms of the home. AGM Imports helped to blend the contemporary with the traditional in the bathroom tiling also by adding unique flair to traditional bathroom shapes and silhouettes.

This Lowcountry residence has been designed and built to stand the test of time. With a mixture of durable materials and design choices, Laura and her family will be able to enjoy the Charleston views in style from their home for years to come.

For more information, call Nichiha at (866) 434-4421 or visit online at For more information about Holz Design Group call (843) 478-4906. For more information about Buck Lumber call (843) 795-0150.


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We caught up with owner Jodi Crosby of Crosby Creations Home Designs to learn about one of her most recent projects in Ravenel that involved a very large topiary obstacle. Jodi’s passion is home design and she cares deeply about her clients as well as our beautiful Lowcountry surroundings. She strives to setup proper expectations and to deliver a superior design, not only to her clients, but also to the builders, engineers, and sub contractors that depend on her to provide correct and adequate information. Learn how Jodi designs a solution that benefits a local homeowner while preserving a beautiful piece of Lowcountry history.

img_44111.Tell me a little about the Jacobs Point project in terms what inspired you?

The clients wanted a Coastal/Casual design and I believe we were able to provide it for them. My inspiration in designing the home derived from the 39″ live oak in the center of the lot and the beautiful marsh views beyond.

2. Why did you find it so important to save the 39″ live oak that is placed in the center of the lot instead of cutting it down to make room for the home?

The clients had obtained a variance to remove the tree because they didn’t believe a house would even fit on the lot. And of course if you’re looking at stock plans on the internet, it is unlikely you would find anything to fit this very unique site. Once I laid my eyes on that beautiful and significant tree I knew I had to do everything I could to save it. It is the most beautiful tree in the entire neighborhood and it would have been a shame to cut it down.

3. What were some of the extra steps you had to go through to make sure the project would work?

I approached the Town of Hollywood’s Board of Zoning and Appeals (BZA) to obtain two more variances for the rear and side setbacks. I also requested to withdraw the previous variance to remove the live oak. My husband and I actually went to the site one morning and got very creative in measuring a main leader of the tree to ensure the roof of the house would materialize below it.

4. What is the most significant obstacle you had to overcome during the project?

Ensuring I gave my clients exactly what they wanted out of their home without sacrificing the integrity and health of the live oak. We brought in an arborist early on to pre-treat the live oak and prepare it for the shock of construction and the future weight of a house sitting within it’s critical root zone. It didn’t make sense to save the tree, only for it to die in the end because we didn’t care for it properly.

5. What advice would you give someone trying to design a home while saving portions of their landscape that is important to them?

The most important piece of the puzzle is to have a current survey; including topography, tree’s, and the significant landscaping they may want to preserve. The survey is the starting point to any project we do. Not only do we use it, but so will the landscape architect when he/she is designing the landscaping and drainage plan.

For more information, call Crosby Creations Home Designs at (843) 514-7354 or visit Also, check out Crosby Creations Home Design’s 90 5 star ratings and reviews on on Houzz!

Snip20160729_1Who doesn’t enjoy getting the best bang for their buck? Despite the costliness of remodeling any part of your home, doing so with a strategic and intentional mindset can benefit you in the long run. Strock Enterprises Design and Remodel can help with all remodels, repairs and renovations in the Charleston area. They are known for their professional assistance with bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor living spaces, commercial design, and additions. The charming homes along Charleston’s streets are undoubtedly beautiful, but they can be tricky when it comes to remodeling—luckily, Strock Enterprises is an expert when it comes to carefully preserving a very historic area.

In terms of prioritizing home value, kitchens and bathrooms are the most crucial living spaces to consider remodeling. Upgrading these livable rooms can guarantee the largest amounts of money back once you decide to sell your home and seek out another. A kitchen serves as both a focal point and gathering place for the first floor of a house. Kitchens provide the opportunity to create timeless designs that not only coincide with the trends but also last for years. Sturdy hardwood flooring, functional cabinets, and marble countertops for easy cleanups are all elements that anyone would appreciate when perusing a house on the market. While customization is still important so as to fit your lifestyle, a theme that will always be desirable is white with subtle hints of other colors. Through time, white has proven to be the most marketable color that exhibits taste while also creating a spacious feel. Bathroom remodels, on the other hand, still allow for creativity despite typically smaller dimensions. Taking advantage of low-cost designs that will result in aesthetically pleasing layouts is a wise choice when it comes to a master bathroom or half-bath. Upgrading your front door to create a better initial impression, changing the material of your windows to reliable vinyl, or looking into wooden decks are additional features to consider altering… Even an upgraded garage door can increase the worth of your house.

Strock Enterprises Design and Remodel is a proud sponsor of the Charleston Fall Home Show that will be held August 26-28, 2016 at the beautifully renovated Gaillard Center in downtown Charleston. The team at Charleston Home + Design magazine is looking forward to returning to this location, where the company has held its home shows from 2004 until January 2012 when the city building closed for renovations. Stop by the Strock Enterprises Design and Remodel exhibit at the home show and find out how to get started on your new remodeling project.

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Stressless Arion Low Back sofa

In this modern age, it seems like our lives get busier by the day. When you’re going ninety-to-nothing at work, school, and all of your other activities, home needs to be a place of serious relaxation. And what’s more relaxing than kicking back in the luxurious comfort of a well-made piece of furniture? Danco Modern Furniture in Mt. Pleasant provides just that—sumptuous, contemporary furniture designed to provide relief from the daily stressors that threaten your sanity.

Danco carries all of the big-name brands, like Ekornes, Skovby, American Leather, and BDI entertainment furniture. Ekornes has been known for their Stressless recliner every since it debuted in 1971, but the line also includes chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Their Stressless Arion Low Back sofa in cream is both chic and cozy—perfect for curling up and watching a movie. Speaking of home theatre, Danco has got you covered in that department as well. Their TV stands are thoroughly modern and functional, pairing wonderfully with the rest of their furniture. Particularly sleek is the walnut Corridor cabinet. Throw in the Calypso coffee table and you’ve got the perfect living room set-up.

Have something in mind and can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Danco Modern Furniture takes custom orders and can even mail you samples of finishes to ensure you love your product. Join their eClub and you can stay in the loop with information on sales, design news, coupons, and more—that way you’ll never miss out on any of the great furniture they have to offer.

For more information, visit the showroom at 1035 Johnnie Dodds Bld in Mt. Pleasant, call (843) 881-2256, or visit

Calypso Coffee Table

Walnut Corridor cabinet


Created by Katherine Bryan