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Julianne Taylor has always had a passion for design. She earned her B.F.A in Interior Design from the University of Georgia and is the founder of Taylor Burke Home. After years of living abroad, Julianne and her family settled in the Lowcountry and she designed a home that is full of bright colors and bold patterns. I chatted with Julianne about how she worked to create a cohesive space with unique touches, and without fear of being adventurous in her design. 

1. It’s clear in your home that you are not afraid of bold colors and pops of fun patterns. Was that always the case? How did you get to that point if not? 

I’ve always been pretty brave with color, and it really comes from a place of personal preference. I truly believe that we have to surround ourselves with what makes us happy. 

Your personal space is where you start and end the day– and think of it sort of like a sandwich. It’s like the buns, and it really sets the tone for all of daily life that happens in the middle. 

2. What was your design process like for this home? Did you have ideas for each room beforehand or did you get in the space and let it guide you?  

We built our house as part of a Pulte planned community, and we moved in December 2014. The first thing I did before anything else was to put up our tree. The neighbors thought I was crazy! But– I wanted something in the house to be bright and cheery for the kids amidst all of the moving boxes. Most people don’t know that we lived overseas for ten years prior to moving to the States, and I had loads of artwork and accessories from our travels and life in Melbourne, Barcelona, Shanghai, and Seoul. I really had to live in our home for a good 1-2 years before tackling it room by room. I’m the kind of person that approaches design in an unexpected way. Each room in the house is different, but yet cohesive in the creativity of the individual spaces. 

Along with me– many of my colleagues have “cobblers shoes” syndrome in that we can design all day for our clients, but we always have unfinished projects at home. It really took me about 2-3 years to finish our home, and during this time I launched several licensed collections of wallpaper with Mitchell Black ( ). Several of my wallpaper designs determined the overall design for some of the spaces in the house. I’m a huge fan of putting wallpaper on the ceiling, and it was certainly the jumping off point for the design of our morning room and dining room.

3. How did you use your love of bright colors and patterns to create a home that was not only your style, but also functional for your family?  

I tease my husband that when we got married his favorite colors were brown and dark brown. And– it was his idea to paint our family room a bright coral color! Design can be so subliminal– over the years my design choices in every country we’ve lived in involved color and it’s influenced him. It makes him happy– and I think you can evolve in your taste and feeling about your surroundings by the way it makes you feel. It can be a very subconscious thing. In our current home it was really important to live in our space to see how we were going to use it before determining the design. For one thing our morning room was actually built to be the breakfast area in the home, but we really wanted to use it as a space that could be an open TV/lounge area to enjoy while we cook. By breaking the rules it’s now become our favorite place in the house!

4. Why was it so important to you to use bold patterns and colors in your design? Did it scare you at first?  

Bold color and a fun pattern mix match my personality. I like a space to look unexpected, but purposeful and people know as soon as they walk in that JuJu lives here. My husband and I have a saying, “Don’t let life hold you hostage”.  And– we feel that way about design choices as well. The first green we selected for our dining room looked great in the day, but then turned into a horrible neon green at night. It had to go! We marched right back to Sherwin-Williams the next day and repainted the dining room in the now Kilkenny color that we absolutely love. Wallpaper is a different story, but I always tell my clients “Don’t let painting a room hold you hostage. If you hate it– 40 bucks will change it right back or to something else you love more. Really. Isn’t a beautiful space worth 40 bucks?”

As far as pattern mixing– there is an art to that. But anyone can make this work. The most successful designs to me are when you can use a variation in pattern type and scale.For example, I typically wouldn’t use small stripes of different colorways in the same room. But– I might select a small stripe with a large check pattern in the same space.

5. What advice do you have for decorating with a bold style? 

I always advise to take a risk. Sometimes the greatest beauty comes from trying something new, and I highly recommend spending some time dreaming about your perfect space. I always say, “It costs nothing to dream and everything not to.”

Photography by Tomas Espinoza for HGTV
Megan, her husband Hugh, and their furry friends relax in their fully renovated Mt. Pleasant home.

What are some questions that you ask your clients to determine how you can best design for them? 
We have an extremely detailed Welcome Packet available on the Services page of our website that breaks it all down! The first thing we ask of a potential client is to fill out our Design Inquiry form. This form helps us decide if we will be a good fit for the client. We ask a lot of background questions- what rooms they would like help with, which items/ accessories they would like incorporated into the design, floor plans of the home (if pre-existing), total budget, detailed measurements, photos/ videos of the space and more. We also ask questions regarding what they want to achieve including must-haves for the room, words to describe the look they want, likes and dislikes. We like to know what their favorite home stores are and view their inspiration boards on Pinterest. Gathering all of this information up front helps us gage the scope of the project and determine if we will be able to bring their vision to life.

Welcome Packet:

What are some of the most common questions that you’re asked? 
The question I get asked most often is what is my favorite white paint color. It seems so simple but there are so many different shades of white. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is my go to color. Since white has become my signature color, I wrote a blog post to offer a quick run down on my favorites. 


I also get asked regularly how to have light colored furniture with pets and kids. I am a big believer in performance fabrics. With the right fabric you can achieve any look you want! We sell furniture on the Megan Molten Shop with performance fabrics options. 

Shop: I am often asked how to make an open concept space cohesive. This can be tricky, especially with lighting as it is visible all at the same time. Maintaining balance is key. I wrote a blog post on how to mix and match lighting in an open floor plan that tells the same story. 


Lastly, I am often asked how we charge. We offer three design packages- Full Service, Virtual or Do It Yourself E-Design. A custom design package is created after the initial consultation based on needs, budget and total scope of the project. All design packages have a $1500 minimum plus the price of products. Check out the Welcome Packet for further breakdown! 

Where do you pull inspiration from for your designs? 
I have a LOT of saved Instagram albums- all labeled- tile, lighting, paint, fabric, wallpaper, etc…they go on and on. I see something and say ” Oh-I  love that!” I do this on my phone as well. Albums full of saved inspiration photos from travels, restaurants, high point furniture market, it goes on and on! I reference them often when sourcing a project and it’s always so exciting when I get to bring one of those ideas to life or make an inspiration a reality! 

How long does a typical project take? 
Our Full Service design process takes around 21 weeks from consultation to installation. Our Virtual design process takes between 21 and 23 weeks and our Do It Yourself E-Design process takes about 7 weeks. Find the full timeline breakdown for each service on our Welcome Packet! 

How do you source your items? 
We source our items from trade only vendors we have visited over the years at Highpoint Furniture Market. We have learned their products, customizations, and built our own curated list of known and trusted products and vendors. I mostly source items I’ve seen in person, touched, sat on, etc. as the quality is really important to me as well as my credibility to clients. They are trusting me that their sofa will be comfortable and stain resistant- that’s a lot of pressure:) 

What advice do you have for homeowners looking to work with an interior designer? 
You don’t have to tackle it all at once. Most of our clients do their home design projects in phases and that’s ok! It allows you to buy more quality, long lasting pieces for each space rather than trying to fill up an entire home. I also would recommend finding a designer you trust and communicate well with- those are the two most important things. If you have that, you will have the best experience and be so happy in the end! 

When Charleston was ordered to shut down in March we entered a world of uncertainty. In the 2+ months since, our community has come together to support one another. One business that has done such is Mitchell Hill. Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill opened the doors to Mitchell Hill Charleston earlier this year. Like many local shops downtown, about 50 percent of their business came from walk-ins, so when they had to close their doors, they needed to come up with another way to bring the showroom and gallery experience to their customers. 

Owners of Mitchell Hill, Tyler Hill and Michael Mitchell.

Initially, the team hosted virtual Facebook tours or did virtual appointments via FaceTime or Zoom. This helped create a customizable one-on-one experience for each person. When Michael and Tyler saw the impact that the phone calls were having on the community, they wanted to have these business conversations amongst other members of the Charleston community to offer guidance, insight, and solutions. They wanted to offer a platform for local businesses to tell others how to help. Mitchell Hill started their Instagram live series on April 2nd. 

Their Instagram live series features interviews with interior designers, local business owners, and local non-profit organizations. These interviews are used to check-in with fellow members of the community while also offering advice on marketing, business programs, content creation, sales, social media, and more. The platform is a way for the interviewees to share special sales, what philanthropic ventures they’re involved in, and how to stay safe. Some of the people the Mitchell Hill team have interviewed include Olivia Brock of Torrance Mitchell and Margot Shaw of Flower Magazine. As they continue this series, they plan to also interview people from Croghan’s Jewelry Box and The Gibbes Museum. Artists whose work is carried in Mitchell Hill have also been taking over the MH Instagram. The takeovers bring MH followers into the artist’s studios to learn about their process, how they’ve been doing, and more. Through these takeovers, artists have been able to continue selling their pieces. 

This network has connected local people and allowed them to share their struggles, their successes, and their narratives regarding what’s next. Mitchell Hill hopes to continue fostering these relationships as the community continues to navigate through the unknown. Mitchell Hill is part of the Explore Charleston community along with the Charleston Gallery Association. Visit their instagram to see the live videos.

For more information, call Mitchell Hill at (843) 564-0034 or visit

When T. Phillips of Latitude Design Group saw Five Palmetto Road for the first time there wasn’t even an obvious front door. Now T. has married modern touches with the home’s history, designing a space that is both sleek and clean, with an obvious front door that invites guests inside. 

Enter the home and be welcomed by 4,000 square feet of custom finishes. Handcrafted cabinet details by Carpenters Restoration, wide plank European wood flooring, Italian calacatta gold marble tiled baths, modern black aluminum windows, glass transom french doors, full slab quartz detail with modern waterfall island in kitchen and main baths installed by Palmetto Surfacing, and antiqued wood beams and double sided gas exposed brick fireplace are just some of the many special touches that T commissioned from his partners. The updates to this home are not only on the surface, but also behind the walls. 

For T, it was important to make sure that the house came with great amenities behind the walls and on the exterior as well, so the redesign included replacing components with precision. There is all new electrical wiring throughout the home, new pvc plumbing, new roof and shingles, and a new European high velocity HVAC system. These touches, that might seem small, will make a huge difference in the longevity of the home and the comfort that it provides its future occupants. 

In addition to all of the stunning features in the main house, there are also two detached spaces on the property that offer supplementary square footage. The garage offers two stories of storage. Two car spaces on the first floor, and an unfinished second floor allow for the future buyers to create a custom space to suit their needs. There is ample space for an apartment on the second floor to be rented out, or used as a guest getaway for visitors. Another little building on the lot is the shed, perfect for an office, art studio, writer’s retreat, yoga studio, or just about anything you can imagine. 

Flooring Shaw European White Oak plank floors are seen throughout the main spaces pairing well with the natural hues. Tumbled Marble in a ‘Versailles’ pattern complete the butler’s pantry, and a Calacatta Marble tile is seen in all of the bathrooms, inspiring a modern European vibe.

Plumbing Rohl/Brizo fixtures are used in the kitchen and bathrooms, again continuing to modernize this remodeled home. The master bath features a freestanding Victoria and Albert tub made of volcanic limestone.

Other Unique Features The main house, garage windows, and exterior rear doors are Sierra Pacific. A custom California Pinky’s Front Exterior Door/Porch Steel Glass Doors welcome visitors inside the home. The team used antique barn reclaimed wood beams and mantels for the double sided gas fireplace, as well as custom fabricated Charleston artisan railings.

Rolled/eased trim moldings are seen throughout the house creating a modern look. Storm rated, seeded glass aluminum garage doors were used to assist in protecting against strong winds. The weather treated wood fencing is durable against the Lowcountry climate, as is the Hardie Plank and stucco exterior. The gravel walkways and driveway, and the stone pavers, offer a unique finishing touch.

For more information, visit or

unspecifiedWho knew organization could turn out so aesthetically pleasing? Deciding on the most suitable type of layout for your closets and storage spaces should be one of the easier tasks on the list when perfecting your home. California Closets is a company that thrives on creating the most functional, affordable and beautiful spaces that enhance your everyday life. Your lifestyle, whether luxurious or busy, has an organizational plan waiting to happen—and your abode, whether spatially limited or vast, has a specific solution to closets and shelving. California Closets is committed to mixing both comfort and quality so as to transform your layout into one that is beyond useful.

While your bedroom is your safe place to begin each day, your living room is the central point of your home. These locations are two places to highly consider redesigning your closet spaces and storage accessories. If you are creating the perfect closet to be tucked away in your niche of a bedroom, or if you are ensuring that things stay tidy when guests are lounging around in your family room, you won’t regret perusing California Closets’ options. There are many factors to consider when creating a closet that include shelving, storage, visibility and accessibility. It is an understatement to say that children can be messy when it comes to putting things away or picking up after playing, but a clear layout with accessible shelving can help keep a playroom a little more orderly. From chaotic kids to men and women with spatial needs, everyone needs some shelving. Consider custom, walk-in, reach-in or wardrobe designs to make getting dressed simpler for any member of the family. Women need space for hanging dresses, shirts, pants and skirts, but also need shoe racks and jewelry stands. A few sturdy hooks never hurt when it comes to purses and bags galore. On the other hand, men tend to come with a few more accessories than one would expect—keeping up with casual versus dress shoes, suits and ties, belts and hats deserves various types of shelving or drawers.

The pros at California Closets have been creating these ideal spaces for over eighteen years. They will treat your home as their own and will leave your rooms looking better than before. Take advantage of their free design consultations that will get the ball rolling and also give you confidence that this installation process will mesh seamlessly with your lifestyle. Bedrooms, workspaces, living areas and entertainment rooms, and even kitchen and bar areas all require thoughtful consideration when it comes to space. California Closets is on hand to provide lighting, accessories, doors, shelving and panels to finish off your closets, and these customizations can fit any style your home already embodies so well.



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Created by Paige Stover

unspecified-1Clear your schedules for the weekend of January 27th and come spend some time at our annual Charleston Home + Design Home Show. Explore local design industry booths to glean some inspiration for your next project or schedule an appointment to meet with one of our interior design associates to get some expert advice on that room that has you stumped on what to do with it. Register and be entered to win one of our six design packages. The prize packages are as follows: a $2000 Kitchen Craft package, $2000 of 1st Class Paint services, a $2000 Floor Covering International credit, an $1800 Farris Custom Woodwork package, a $2000 Lowcountry Paver credit, or a $2000 Mosquito Nix treatment package.

If that’s not enough for you, join us for the Palmetto Surfacing preshow party, where we invite our clients, subscribers, and their guests to get an exclusive first look at the incredible show. Come enjoy unlimited food and drink and rub elbows with some of the industry’s most elite members and get some inside info about the Charleston design community. Tickets are just $15 ahead of time, and $20 at the door. Come get inspired with us the last week of January! Visit for more information.

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Created by: Shelby Davis

unspecified-3Free designer consultations are back! Back by popular demand, you will able to schedule a 30-minute appointment with one of our many talented interior design clients and associates. Feel free to bring in pictures, fabric swatches, plans, Pinterest boards, and any other materials (that you can reasonably carry) with you to the appointment.

At our home show design consultations, our talented volunteers are industry experts whose job requires them to be up on the latest design trends. This expertise combined with their access to local resources make the design process run as smoothly as possible. Whether you need to work with a plumber, contractor, or furniture dealer, these designers have cultivated relationships in the community that often result in deals not available to the general public. Designer know-how can benefit your home in almost every way, from small details like electric outlet placement to improving the overall value of the house.

Not sure whether this might help you? Check out our website On this one site you will see profiles of our amazing interior design clients and have the opportunity to explore some of their past projects.

Whether you’re just thinking of a project or if you’re elbows deep in fabric samples, let our professional friends help with your project by calling and setting up an appointment at the home show. The designers are happy to offer advice on anything from carpet color to ceiling moulding and everything in-between. Call our office at (843) 577-7652, to schedule an appointment during our home show. We will be at the beautiful Gaillard Center again and will have openings all three–January 27th through the 29th. Walk-in appointments will also be available on a first-come-first-served basis during the event.

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Created by: Shelby Davis

Andersen E-Series Casement and Picture Windows with painted interiors and white hardware. Residential New Construction Home Style Modern

Andersen E-Series Casement and Picture Windows with painted interiors and white hardware. Residential New Construction: Home Style Modern

The way we live in and use our homes has changed dramatically over the past century. They have become a “hub” for busy families with intersecting schedules accommodating work, school, sports, and other activities. This naturally has changed how homes are designed, as attention is paid to function and how the space reflects its occupants. This contemporary design is an intentional choice to reflect how a thoughtfully designed building will change to meet the homeowner’s needs over the years.

Contemporary design means no opportunity for functionality is overlooked, and that includes windows. Visible from both inside and out, the size, placement and function of each window is a critical factor in defining the home and its many purposes. Windows also contribute to the evolving functionality of spaces within a structure. Some guidelines that bring contemporary sensibility to your home’s overall style include:

1. Deliver light as far into the space as possible: when utilized correctly, the constantly changing light that flows through windows can transform an interior. Balancing the placement of windows to deliver natural light as far into a built structure accomplishes one of the primary principles of contemporary design: serve a utilitarian purpose, not a decorative one.

2. Promote indoor air quality: Proper ventilation for a home goes beyond opening a window or two. Stacked ventilation, for example, utilizes roof windows in combination with wall windows, creating updrafts that funnel warm air outdoors and away from living areas. Interior window openings can help channel fresh air to a home’s more remote locations.

3. Minimize ornamentation to maximize impact: With the right positioning, spectacular scenery can become the focus of a room, even the focus of a home. Whether as a huge picture window or a perfectly aligned group of smaller windows, this reinforces a home’s connection to its surroundings and is commonly referred to as managing the view.

4. Erase the divide between interior and exterior: Walls of windows or patio doors can help connect the interior of a home with the immediate surroundings. Thresholds are minimized, rooflines blend into tree lines, and outdoor spaces become your expanded living space.

5. Knowing which windows match a contemporary style is key to achieving that contemporary look. To that end, this free site connects home styles and the proper windows based on architectural need.

A contemporary style can live and flourish within any home. The thoughtfulness of the design, combined with the fluid qualities of the space, makes contemporary a style that will never go out of style. With the right architectural anchors such as windows selected for a lifetime of use, your home’s journey is on the right path.

Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series Awning and Picture windows with Pine Interiors. New Residential Constructions Home Style Modern

Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series Awning and Picture windows with Pine Interiors.
New Residential Constructions
Home Style Modern

400 Series Awning Windows, Pine Interior, Contemporary Hardware in Satin Nickel Finish. 200 Series Perma-Shield Gliding Patio Door, Terratone, Anvers Hardware in Satin Nickel Finish Modern Home Style

400 Series Awning Windows, Pine Interior, Contemporary Hardware in Satin Nickel Finish.
200 Series Perma-Shield Gliding Patio Door, Terratone, Anvers Hardware in Satin Nickel Finish
Modern Home Style

Created by Jay Libby

With more than 30 years of experience in product design and design research, Jay Libby is the Creative Services Manager at Andersen Windows.

It’s a common trend in modern kitchen and bathroom design to install crisp white cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes, or some kind of equally neutral color scheme. While there is a certain peaceful appeal to this palette, in some cases it can tend to feel bland, unimaginative, or even sterile. For spaces that ache for a touch more personality in a sea of white, mosaic tile accents can be a stunning option.

Mosaic tiles come in an amazingly wide array of colors and variations. Glass tile has a reflective quality that catches the light beautifully, and metallic glazes can take any color tile up a notch. Melcer Tile Company is a great place to go on the hunt for eye-catching mosaic tile—their full service warehouse is chock full of inspiration. Plus, they offer design consultations for those who need a little help deciding on the best way to transform their existing space.

A way to add a section of high-impact color without sacrificing the calm look of the entire kitchen is to add a mosaic design on the wall space just above the oven. Go abstract, or chose something more on-theme: a crab or a seashell for a beach house. Tiles that coordinate with the existing backsplash tile the piece together with the rest of the room and avoid making the design seem too graphically jarring.

For an even bolder statement, consider installing an entire accent wall. This trick works best on the spaces above the sinks or oven in a kitchen, or on the sink or shower wall in a bathroom. Coordinate and contrast tile colors with the rest of the room, or chose from a wide range of patterns—Melcer Tile’s damask-printed mosaic tile provides a wonderfully exotic vibe in an otherwise basic room, while “River Rock” tile delivers a large dose of texture that can make a space seem more dynamic. The company also offers a full range of installation tools and equipment as well as a delivery service, ensuring that the creation of a mosaic tile accent is a painless and enjoyable process.

Melcer Tile Company is a proud sponsor of the Charleston Fall Home Show that will be held August 26-28, 2016 at the beautifully renovated Gaillard Center in downtown Charleston. The team at Charleston Home + Design magazine is looking forward to returning to this location, where the company has held its home shows from 2004 until January 2012 when the city building closed for renovations. Stop by and learn more about current trends in tile at the Melcer Tile Company exhibit during the Charleston Fall Home Show.

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