Wendy Murad

Senior Account Manager

Fur mom to many, Wendy takes her pups out to enjoy some of the Lowcountry’s most spectacular views on the boat with her husband. Since she spends so much time on a boat, being stranded on an island is a possibility but Wendy isn’t worried about it. All she needs is her sunglasses, some tasty rum, and a great book - preferably South of Broad by Pat Conroy. Both sweet and spicy, Wendy enjoys pineapple or jalapenos on her pizza depending on her mood. Her favorite movie of all time is Despicable Me; she LOLs profusely every time she watches it, and honestly, who wouldn’t? And on the movie note, Sandra Bullock would play Wendy in the movie that will eventually be made about her life because they have such similar personalities. Wendy attended Robert Wesleyan College in New York and earned a degree in Organizational Management.