Brittanie Vincent

Account Manager

As a food enthusiast, Brittanie enjoys a wide variety of cuisines but Mexican is by far her favorite. Chips and salsa? She just can’t get enough. Brittanie is also a devoted cheese lover, enjoying any type except blue cheese. Brittanie’s favorite pastime is hanging out at the park or swimming with her best fur friend Brody Bennett. And speaking of the water, if Brittanie could be an animal, she’d be a majestic dolphin. She has no desire to be on a deserted island but if she were, Brittanie would want to have chapstick and her allergy medicine with her to ward off unwanted bugs and chapped lips. She has a strong hatred towards traffic and would be thrilled to have the ability to teleport so she could avoid it. Advice from Brittanie - watch Bridesmaids because it’s a great movie and so is this quote. “You’re more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needle, and you have a face like sunshine.”